Almost 80% of school employees voted in favor of the new agreement (PHOTO)

Почти 80% работников школ проголосовали за новое соглашение  (ФОТО)

The Union representing education workers of Ontario, announced that its members voted in favour of the new contract, which was drawn up last month.

In early October, a few hours before the announcement of the start of the strike, which was expected to take part 55000 staff additional school staff, CUPE (the Union of civil servants of Canada) after a lengthy negotiation process reached a tentative agreement with the province.

A Union representative reported that a new agreement voted by 79% of members, but added that it was not accepted unanimously.

If additional school personnel: cleaners, carers of young children and office staff announced a strike, more than 20 school boards have suspended the work under their control schools.

In accordance with the agreement, workers will get wage increases of one percent.

Meanwhile, all three unions representing pedagogical school personnel, negotiating new agreements with the provincial government.

98% of primary school teachers and education workers voted to strike, although the Union has not announced the exact timing of when this might happen.

The unions, representing teachers of middle and high school public and Catholic schools also hold a vote on the strike.