“Almost”: a ray of sunshine

“Almost: a ray of sunshine


A trip through France becomes the pretext for exploring human relationships.

Bernard Campan (seen in “A Bag of Marbles” by Christian Duguay) , here also director and co-screenwriter, is Louis, owner of a funeral home. He accidentally knocks down disabled Igor (Swiss writer and philosopher Alexandre Jollien). One thing leading to another, Louis and Igor make a journey from Switzerland to France, Louis having to bring the remains of a woman back to his family.

Like any good “road movie”, the encounters along the way – with a future bride who buries her life as a young girl, then a prostitute – is the pretext for reflections, both on life and on relationships between humans. These two men gradually get to know each other, tell each other their lives, sing “Carmen” when the opera is heard in the hearse.

Constantly opposing life to death, Bernard Campan and Alexandre Jollien celebrate the birth of a friendship, learn to detach themselves from the harsh gaze of others and form a complex and deep relationship, the last scene being the high point of this almost initiatory journey.

Joyful without falling into the ridiculous, deep without being boring, “Almost” also benefits from the friendship of Bernard Campan and Alexandre Jollien in “real” life, the two actors being perfectly at ease here one with the other. Their infectious energy and their love of life are thus transmitted to the spectator who emerges from the cinema with a light heart and filled with hope.

Rating: 3 out of 5< /p>