Almost got into a fight because of the blind: the passengers of an airliner staged dispute over the window

Чуть не подрались из-за шторки: пассажиры авиалайнера устроили спор из-за окна

In a network there was video of the incident between the occupants of the airliner, which failed to agree, what will be the shutter of the window. The corresponding video was published in Instagram account PassengerShaming.

“And are adults”, — has signed a publishing author.

Unknown passengers were unable to agree about the position of the window blinds between their seats and were fighting.

One man takes several attempts to pull this curtain, while sitting in front of him a man every time it raises.

In the skirmish, the flight attendant intervened, however, and it didn’t help. At the end of the second participant of the conflict has put on the window hand to the neighbor couldn’t get to the blind.