Alouettes: a very active owner on Twitter

Alouettes: an owner very active on Twitter


Little present in the media sphere during his first moments as owner of the Montreal Alouettes, Gary Stern has remedied the situation by being very active on his Twitter account this season.

It is not uncommon to see him interacting with fans, rebelling against a decision of the referees and making waves on the social network.

His most recent statement was predicting a victory over the Blue Bombers when the Winnipeg club visited Percival-Molson Stadium on Thursday. Remember that the defending champions of the last two Gray Cup games have still not lost in eight games this season…

“Nobody is giving us a chance. I sincerely believe this, we are home, we have talent, our coaches have great systems in place and we are going to win this game,” he wrote in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

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This isn't the first time Stern has predicted a win for his club on Twitter. His success rate is very low, however, as the “Als” have gone 2-5 so far in 2022.

After last week's loss to the Tiger-Cats in Hamilton , the multi-millionaire allowed himself to be quite critical.

“A disappointing evening. The Alouettes did not play well. There are issues with our challenges and the number of times referees have decided to overturn a decision. There was no momentum in this game and it was boring for the fans. I think we all have a lot to think about. I'm taking a Twitter break to collect my ideas.”

This break will have lasted less than 24 hours.

Maciocia doesn't worry

This was the first time that Stern had criticized his players and coaching staff in this way. Called to react to his owner's statements after the duel against Hamilton, Danny Maciocia was reassuring.

“We talk to each other every week, quite often. I always give him a kind of summary of where we are as a team. I don't know what he said exactly, but the conversation I had with him was quite positive,” said the general manager, who has also served as the Alouettes' interim head coach since the dismissal of Khari Jones at the beginning of July.

The 55-year-old Quebecer also took the opportunity to reveal his philosophy regarding social networks.

“Since I accepted the position here [in January 2020], the agreement I have with my family is that we come from social networks.”

“I know that he [Stern] is very active and that he really likes it. I've had the chance to talk to him since and everything is fine,” added Maciocia.

Even if he avoids saying it publicly, it is possible to believe that the GM of the Alouettes should not jump for joy when its owner gives extra motivation to his opponents by predicting a victory.