Alvarez – Kovalev: judges notes at the time of stoppage

Альварес – Ковалев: судейские записки на момент остановки боя

In Las Vegas at the MGM Grand Arena ring Mexican Saul Alvarez (53 wins, 36 of them by knockout, 1 loss, 2 draws) has selected a champion belt WBO light heavyweight champion the Russian Sergey Kovalev (34 wins, 29 of them by knockout, 4 losses, 1 draw).

According to the judges ‘ notes at the time of the knockout, the South American was a minimal advantage over his rival. Two judges, Dave Moretti and Julie Lederman favored Alvarez (96:94), but don trella saw a draw (95:95).

Альварес – Ковалев: судейские записки на момент остановки боя

It is noteworthy that the opinions of all three judges agreed on six rounds: four of them, from the 4th to the 7th, they unanimously gave the advantage to the Alvarez, in two, 3-m and 8-m is better in their opinion was Kovalev. Thus the ninth and tenth rounds before the knockout in the 11th, also a split decision was given to the Russians.

We knew that I would need five or six rounds to roll into battle. My great respect to Sergey, he is a great warrior, but we fulfilled the plan for the fight. The game started with a delay, but we succeeded. I plan to go back to 160 or 165 pounds. However, now I need to rest. Let’s see what will come next. We will choose the best option for us. I crave the big fights. I want to give Mexico more victories, “—said after the fight Alvarez.

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