Alvarez – Kovalev: live knockout

Альварес – Ковалев: видео нокаута

In the night from 2 for November 3 in Las Vegas was the fight for the title of world champion in the light heavyweight division between Mexican Saulem “Canelo” Alvarez (53 wins, 36 of them by knockout, 1 loss, 2 draws) and the winner of the WBO Russian Sergey Kovalev (34 wins, 29 of them by knockout, 4 losses, 1 draw).


Mexican, despite the fact that for the sake of this fight went up two weight classes, I felt more than confident in the confrontation with the champion. During the fight, the rivals exchanged blows and it seemed that the fate of the championship belt will be decided at the judges ‘ notes. But in the 11th round, Alvarez caught the Russians on the mistake, hitting a great left jab, and then when Kovalev dropped her hands, being in a state of grogg, just finished off his strongest kick from the right.

Thus, Saul Alvarez won a champion belt under version WBO, having won the title already in the fourth weight category. Given that Canelo is only 29 years old, sure, from him we can expect big things in the Boxing Olympus.


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