Alyona Alyona broke the wooden swing in Iceland

Alyona Alyona сломала деревянную качелю в Исландии

Repercu Ukrainian Alyona Alyona, who conquered not only domestic fans, but international experts visited Iceland.

On instagram-page of Alyona Alyona demonstrated a photo of funny situations. According to reperki, she was asked to dip into childhood and play on the swings, which was set up in the middle of a picturesque field in Iceland. However, the structure collapsed during a fun, Alyona Alyona was on the ground.

“Sit down, Alenka be fun. Noticed in Iceland unreliable swing,” wrote repercu in the network.

Interestingly, Alyona Alyona true to their style. In front of the fans, she appeared in black pants and long jacket, which complemented the bright shoes. Famous repercu wove the hair into a bun and, as usual, refused makeup.

What is known about Alyona Alyona?

This Ukrainian rap-singer who gained wide popularity due to the tracks with simple folk text. To a vocal career, the singer worked in the kindergarten of the village Baryshevka of Kiev region. However, because of pressure from peers and bullying she quit. The first clips Alyona Alyona “Fish” and “Chairmen” have collected millions of views on YouTube. Repercu now boasts a successful solo album, “Gun” and international awards, in particular, Anchor.