Аlyona alyona told about the main fear

For the first time in his career alyona alyona is not a video, but just a portion of the new music. It seems that in her personal world, the time has come to understand itself — to rethink all the madness and inertia of the phenomenal hype that in just over a year led her out of the kindergarten teacher in the village of Baryshevka in the “open Europe” festival in Germany, the Reeperbahn.

Аlyona alyona рассказала о главном страхе

New mini-album with the Taoist name “In chat MA” begins with a personal revelation. Her main fear today to keep the passion alive. Alain repeats this over and over again, and you know — star is not deprived of its chief — of immediacy and directness. It still reads exactly about what lives and what he thinks.

“In hat MA” — alyona alyona

“This summer was very special to me. I have discovered many new countries and festivals both in Ukraine and abroad. In between flights, I sometimes write. Ideas, observations, impressions from communication with fellow countrymen,” — says Alena and recognizes that the recording mode of the new mini-album was a complete chaos. “I didn’t expect that I will fall so much employment. Next year I plan to approach the writing of the second album is more conceptual”.

And this should not hide. “In hat MA” — really more a collection of new tracks or even a mixtape. There’s a place free experiments like “S V”, where the production team reparse mixes British geridzh with Ukrainian folklore. And closes the album with the song “Kazka” — a touching ballad with a guitar and “all life in four lines” is an absolute poetic luck Alena for fans of the philosophical aspects of her work in the spirit of the track “Head”.

The new release also includes already known for the singles “Tomorrow” and the recent “mom’s soup” — the story of love of parents to children that a few have faded into the background amid discouraging psychedelic clip in the style of David Lynch.