‘Amazing movie’: what is American thinking about the Soviet comedies

We often watch Hollywood movies and discuss them, but we seldom think, what the Americans think about the Soviet paintings, which most of us know almost by heart. The author of the blog “the way of the actor” on “Yandex.Zen” showed the familiar American Joseph a few Soviet comedies and asked his opinion.

'Поразительное кино': что американец думает о советских комедиях

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Hereinafter in the first person.

I met him during my trip 5 years ago. Joseph is very responsive, kind, reliable man, he also loves film and understands it better than anyone else I know. Sitting in isolation we had the idea to create a new project in which I will show him Soviet films and evaluate them. I do not doubt his criticism, but asked him to be quite objective in this matter.

The first film that I sent him was “Caucasian captive”. Unfortunately, he does not have an American voice, but there are subtitles.

Joseph looked at him fully. In his opinion, the film deserves a rating of 8 on a scale.

“This movie I really liked. I previously had the opportunity to watch a couple of Soviet films, but this one exceeded all expectations. Particularly surprising was the ease with which the characters act out their roles, the style is radically different from ours, and it is noticeable at first sight, ‘ said Joseph. — Humor on top, I laughed loud and long. However, some of the jokes were not very clear, really wanted to learn the language to view in the original. Liked actor with an unusual appearance (Yuri Nikulin), it very much reminded me of Charlie Chaplin. Do not be surprised if he copied his style because facial expressions and movements are almost identical”.

For this review I was outraged. I’m also quite familiar with the works of Charlie Chaplin, and didn’t notice any similarities with Nikulin.

Asked him why he thinks so? To which he said “just feel”.

I decided to look into the matter. Watched the performances of Nikulin circus. Joseph was right. Nikulin circus performances are similar to the performances of Charlie Chaplin.

They have identical style of movement, facial expressions, gestures. Not surprisingly, Nikulin was able to learn from more famous personalities some of the techniques to more effectively “control” the audience.

In addition to this, Joseph said he was delighted with Soviet Actresses, they were attractive, “unspoiled” appearance. Hollywood is a very big problem, beauty is created artificially.

When it came time to choose a second film, I got to thinking about what film can really surprise the American. With a choice I was not mistaken — “Ivan Vasilyevich changes occupation“, of course, with American subtitles.

“This film was very easy to me, I even called his children, watched in one breath. The high point was the storyline of such films in the United States certainly was not, even similar can’t remember. Soviet filmmakers clearly tried, no plot holes, the whole picture works well, like a Swiss watch, — shared his impressions of Joseph. — Surprised by the quality of the humor, almost none of the jokes are based on insults or humiliation. For US it is very rare”.

“Like an actor in the role of the king (Yuri Yakovlev), especially his playing. His speech is even understandable for an American, he’s not kidding. Well placed diction, commanding tone. At one point even I was not myself. If I had a house like that king, I’d just ran and played. It’s amazing how Shura found a common language with him,” said the American.

Joseph asked me if that tone to talk to every Russian? To which I replied that almost everyone, not only babies do dumb.

“Now I definitely will never go with a Russian for the conflict. By the way, two trapped in the past really reminded me of characters from “Dumb and dumber”, they made this movie a Comedy, — said Joseph. — Amazing movie, there is nothing like it I have not seen. I think it is worthy of a mark of 9.5 on a scale. 4 points I give to the actor who played the king, — a true professional”.

The original column published in the blog “the way of the actor” on “Yandex.Zen”

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