Amazon can now clean your home: what you need to know about the new service

Most people use Amazon to buy things, watch movies and TV shows and order products, not to go to the store. And recently, the retailer added to the list of professional house cleaning. This writes Reviewed.

Amazon теперь может убраться у вас дома: что нужно знать о новой услуге

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Amanda Tarleton personally decided to try Amazon Home Services and whether or not the cleaning of your money.

Hereinafter in the first person.

What is house cleaning Home Amazon Services?

Amazon Home Services offers house cleaning, including standard house cleaning, deep cleaning, and cleaning upon entry/exit. I decided to try the standard cleaning of the house, as my apartment is not dirty, I’m not moving, and I wanted to know what is the basic, most popular package (more than 25 000 reviews).

According to the service description, the standard house cleaning includes cleaning the dust, washing the floors and vacuuming and cleaning the bathroom and kitchen, and garbage removal. This does not include “washing Windows, washing walls and cleaning the inside of the oven.” And as Amazon hires someone to clean your house, they promise that they only use “selected professionals” who have “good track record quality service.”

Each cleaner is also thoroughly tested and subject to background check and must have a modern insurance and all necessary licenses.

How much is house cleaning Home Amazon Services?

The cost of cleaning depends on many factors such as the size of your home, type of foods you choose (standard or organic), and any special or additional requests. “Professionals base their assessment on a standard amount of work, and 9 out of 10 clients do not see changes in the final price,” — said on the Amazon web site, adding that you will be able to confirm the final cost with your technician on the day of your operation. The cost of cleaning the apartment with one bedroom, one bath in Baltimore was $64.

How does the Amazon Home house cleaning Services

Going to the cleaning home Amazon Home Services, I chose the size of his house (1 bed, 1 bath) and the type of detergent, which I prefer (I chose organic). Then I got the estimate for my cleaning, and I was asked to choose three dates along with a three-hour window of time that I would like to assign.

As soon as I completed my order, I received an email confirming your selected date and time. There was also the name of my workers, friendly woman with a wide smile named Amanda.

Cleaning day

When it was day, Amanda texted me this morning to report that she will arrive at 14:00. She came with an assistant cleaning and was told that the standard package for house cleaning, which I booked for two hours. Since there were two of them, they do everything in an hour. Because I didn’t want to disturb them, I went on with my business, and Amanda helpfully sent me a text message 10 minutes before they finished to give me time to return home before they leave.

After cleaning

As soon as I got back, the cleaners asked me if I wanted to go fast to see the result (to be honest, I was embarrassed, so I just said, “I’m sure everything is fine!”). About an hour later I received an email with a final receipt for service and the ability to leave a review.

What I liked cleaning the house Amazon

First of all, Amazon did a great job cleaning my apartment from floor to plate. On the floor was not dirt and dust all of the tabletops were wiped out, my mats have pilesotiles, and even the blankets were folded accurate. My apartment smelled really fresh and clean and everything was neatly back in place.

Not only that, but the women was fast and incredibly friendly. I appreciated the fact that they announced what time they will arrive (instead of make me wonder when they will arrive in a three-hour window, as do many companies) and that they started and ended on time.

Another bonus is that Amazon provides all the cleaning products (which in my case was environmentally friendly!). However, if you prefer certain products, Amazon notes that you can inform your cleaners and to provide them with these products when they appear.

What I did not like the housekeeping at home Amazon

When it comes to cleaning your house, I am convinced that the bathroom is the number one priority. So I was disappointed when after the departure of the cleaners I found that my toilet seat was not wiped or cleaned. Fortunately, the bowl was cleaned, but not the seat itself. For me it’s quite a big omission, especially because it was noticeably dirty (I put the cleaning two weeks in advance so I could easily see any forgotten spots).

Whether cleaning the house Amazon Home Services?

As someone who loves a clean home, but hates actually cleaning, I say Yes, house cleaning Amazon definitely worth the money. Apart from the missing toilet seat, the cleaners did a great job, making my once dirty and covered with dust, the apartment is fresh and clean. The price also seemed very reasonable and I appreciated how professional and friendly were the cleaners.

In this case, since Amazon hires third-party cleaners, there is a risk of contradictions. For example, if I again use the service and they’ll send another cleaner, who was not as thorough or well prepared.

Summing up, based solely on my single experience using Amazon Home Services, I approve it and I will certainly use it again.

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