Amber heard demands that johnny Depp was a psychiatric examination

After a scandalous divorce johnny Depp is trying to restore its reputation and good name. We will remind, in 2016, amber accused johnny of domestic violence (allegedly, he was repeatedly beaten her) and demanded to issue a temporary restraining order prohibiting Depp to approach her. The court satisfied the claim of the actress. Actor long avoided meeting with his ex-wife, and then he filed on his ex-wife to court. For libel with amber heard, the actor demanded $ 50 million.

Эмбер Херд требует, чтобы Джонни Депп прошел психиатрическую экспертизу

In mid-October, Depp decided to meet and agreed with the requirement of a defendant amber to provide the court with information about your treatment for alcohol and drug abuse until November 15. With her actress ties the inappropriate behavior and violence by ex-spouse. However, this herd was not enough. Now amber asks the court to force johnny Depp to undergo a psychiatric examination to question his current mental state.

The relationship of johnny with reality vary depending on its interactions with alcohol and drugs. As johnny paranoia, delusions and aggression has increased during our relationship and my awareness of his continued drug abuse continues to grow, — said in a court document obtained by Blast.

The new requirement lawyers Actresses johnny Depp considered invasion of privacy. Explaining the fact that the current mental state of the actor has very little to do with what could or could not happen a few years ago between the pair.

This is a libel case in which Mr. Depp claims that are not suffering from any mental disorder. Thus, the mental state of Mr. Depp is not “controversial”, and, accordingly, to carry out the examination there is no reason, say the advocates Depp.