Amber heard demands to disclose data about the arrests and treatment of johnny Depp

Disputes between former spouses — 33-year-old amber heard and the 56-year-old johnny Depp never cease. The actress found the answer Depp lawsuit, which he filed in March this year.

Эмбер Херд требует раскрыть данные об арестах и лечении Джонни Деппа

We will remind, the actor has accused amber of defamation and sued for $ 50 million after heard said that johnny used to beat her. The actress now requires that Depp “has provided evidence of drug and alcohol abuse”.

Previously, lawyers Depp stated that these data are not relevant to the case, and their publication will be interference in the private life of the actor. But Hurd believes that these data can become strong evidence, because, in her opinion, it is the abuse of alcohol and drugs Depp was the cause of domestic violence in their family.

Hurd appealed to court with the petition that the court should compel the actor to disclose documents related to his addictions, medical records from medical records and details about his arrests.

Representatives of the actor said that Depp still has no intention to disclose such information, although ready to challenge the statements heard that his alcohol abuse is inextricably linked with his behavior.

However, the lawyer amber Robert Kaplan believes that these documents should be considered by the court.

All of this evidence are directly related to the statements of Depp. And they can certainly lead to the discovery of evidence that explain changes in its behavior over time, the impact on his memory, and will also help to identify witnesses who were aware of the aggressive behavior of Depp and helped to hide him. And they are extremely important to confirm the earlier statements amber heard,

— Kaplan said.

The lawyer also pointed out the hypocrisy of johnny Depp, who refused to reveal their medical data, while himself opposed to the usual order on the protection of personal data in the same respect heard.

Earlier, johnny Depp said that his ex-wife only exposes itself as a victim of violence, and he never laid a hand on her. Moreover, the actor claimed that amber sometimes showed aggression.

In April of this year the press got a number of previously unpublished documents from the case, including the pictures, amber showed as evidence of violence by Depp, including those on which visible bruises on her face and ripped out a tuft of hair.