Amber heard may lose the job because of johnny Depp

Amber heard was in an unenviable situation: it can be fired from the project, on which she pinned such high expectations. We are talking about the second part of the successful franchise of “Aquaman”, the first film in which audiences saw last year. After the first movie grossed over a billion dollars, and the actress received a very good fee. She was hoping that the second part of the franchise will bring her more money and fame.

Эмбер Херд может лишиться работы из-за Джонни Деппа

Alas, there is a high enough probability that the 33-year-old actress of this work will not receive. And all because of johnny Depp fans who are collecting signatures on a petition to remove her from the project. Moreover, the petition collected already more than 34 thousand signatures. Fans waiting for this figure will reach 35 thousand, after which it will be officially handed over to Warner Bros., the company responsible for the production of the franchise.

The basis for the requirements of the fans was another twist in the case of heard and Depp. We are talking about that now amber is accusing Depp of domestic violence, and he claims to have suffered from the beating and caused him injuries. So, johnny, in particular, stated that she hit him in the face, and once cut off his finger with a broken bottle of vodka. In addition, the actor demands his ex-wife 50 million for “directed against him by defamation”.

One of them is telling the truth, hard to say. This story is all stretches and stretches — from 2016, the year when they divorced… recently heard demanded to put Depp psychiatric examination and wants to be in the court records were made public about alcoholism johnny and the use of drugs.

As for the chances of ember to lose his job, now repeat the story that took place some time ago — only “with opposite sign”. Heard and look to catch the boomerang, launched earlier her fans. After all, a year ago, they collected signatures under the petition demanding to remove from Depp really need him roles (in the spin-off of “Harry Potter” — “Fantastic beasts”). What likely would have happened if it had not intervened personally, J. K. Rowling, as the Creator of the franchise was able to defend johnny.