Amber heard may lose the role in “Aquaman.” johnny Depp

Actress amber heard is not to be envied in this situation. Because very soon it can be removed from the main roles in the franchise “Aquaman,” and she laid on the role of high hopes. The first film this film the audience appreciated in the last year, the rent he has collected over a billion dollars. Respectively and amber received a large fee. The second part is to bring the herd more money and popularity.

Эмбер Херд может лишиться роли в "Аквамене" из-за Джонни Деппа

Unfortunately for the actress, it can be removed from the project in significant ways. It turns out that fans of johnny Depp is very actively collecting signatures to a petition in which they demand to clean amber with the title role. At the moment, has already collected more than 34 thousand unique votes in order to pass the petition to Warner Brosers requires only 35 thousand. Fans working on this mission and as soon as the votes are there in the right quantity, the company that produces the franchise, would be obliged to respond to the petition.

Fans so vehemently turn against Hurd because of new information that surfaced during the proceedings of the court in the relationship of Depp and heard. Johnny at the hearing said that his ex-wife had often raised his hand, hit him in the face, and once, he almost lost a finger when his wife hit him with a bottle of vodka. The actor also wants compensation from ex-wife for defamation in court. The amount of compensation was established by lawyer johnny and is $ 50 million.

One of the former spouses rights are not yet able to understand, but the court is doing another in 2016. Immediately after the official divorce Hurd has filed a lawsuit against her ex-husband and said that he had caused her physical harm. Recently, the actress demanded that the lawyer Depp gave the court all the information about the treatment of his client in the alcoholic clinic.

As for the petition, it is all real. In this respect, amber is pursuing a “boomerang effect”. After all, last year, her personal fans collected signatures against johnny, which demanded the withdrawal of the role in the sequel to the famous movie “Harry Potter”. This role was very much needed celebrity. And it almost removed with this project, but this scandal intervened by J. K. Rowling, and put your condition: “Either the role of johnny Depp or it does not give its consent to the shooting continue.”

Apparently fans will be able to sign the petition and actress will be deprived of role, who or what can save the herd, is still unknown.