Amber Heard says she still loves Johnny Depp

Amber Heard says she still loves Johnny Depp - You News

Amber Heard said she still «love» big man Johnny Depp, if she told Savannah Guthrie to NBC today journalist about the evidence, I will prob it in court.

Speaking on NBC Today with Guthrie's leading shroud in the remainder of her first interview, and after I'm going to call about the defamation filed against her by Johnny, the Aquamena star said that she had “no nasty feelings or bad manners” on Call your public ship.

that in the future її they can “lock up”, if you try to hang out, if you finish drinking, if you will get nervous through those that you can say at once.

Vona said to Chavani: « I respected myself, we will understand those who respected my right to speak».

Amber Heard says she still loves Johnny Depp - You News

Amber Heard : screenshot from the video

Then the journalist has put her supplementary food, having asked, if she doesn’t know that she can be sued for hardening again.

Ember vіdpovіv: «I'm afraid that it's not independent in view of what I'm working, it's not independent in view of what I say, but as I show it, it's leather, which I will work, give me one more chance to calm me down. What do I think, for the very purpose of assigning poses about defamation — of appointments in order to take your voice».

Sometimes Savannah has fed Ember, who still loves her big man, not caring about the breakup of her slut.

Vauna said, «Yes, absolutely. I love yoga. I loved yoga with all my heart and tried with all my strength to make it deep blue. I couldn't. I don’t have any filthy feelings, or impoliteness to a new level. I know what can be important to understand. Otherwise, you can easily understand that if you ever loved someone… it's really easy».

Amber Heard said still love Johnny Depp - News Yu

Warto guess that the court found guilty Amber Heard and now it is necessary to pay 15 million dollars to Johnny Depp. However, for the time being, no one can get out of it.