AMC announced the payment of a record fine to the state budget

АМКУ заявил об уплате рекордного штрафа в госбюджет


The AMC commended the decision of Imperial tobacco not to prolong the litigation and to pay a fine

In the case of collusion between the monopolist and distribution of cigarettes and manufacturers had been fined nine companies.

The economic court of Kiev dismissed the claim of the companies of Imperial tobacco Ukraine and Imperial tobacco Production Ukraine about recognition partially invalid claims of the Antimonopoly Committee for the recovery of penalties for the crime of collusion. As a result, the group of companies Imperial tobacco paid a record fine in the amount of 460 million, according to the website of the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine.

“The Antimonopoly Committee appreciates the decision of the group of companies Imperial tobacco not to prolong the litigation and to pay a fine for violation of competition law”, – stated in the message.

The AMC hopes that other participants in the trial will follow the lead of the group.

Recall, 10 October 2019, the Antimonopoly Committee 10 October 2019 fined producers of whitefish for conspiring with the exclusive distributor of Tedis Ukraine for a total amount of 6.5 billion hryvnias. Among the fined companies – Philip Morris, JT international, Imperial tobacco, the Production and the British American tobacco (Kiev) and others.

Later it became known that the tobacco companies will sue the AMC’s record-breaking fine. On the eve of the media reported that the tobacco companies are ready to submit a claim to arbitration against Ukraine.