AMC is trying to paralyze the work of the tobacco market – a statement

АМКУ пытается парализовать работу табачного рынка – заявление

According to the Association, the actions of the AMC to almost stop the supply of legal tobacco products for more than 7 million consumers in Ukraine

The former head of the AMC before the dismissal time to sign lawsuits against the four largest manufacturers of cigarettes. It threatens to stop their work, according to the Association ukrtûtûn.

The four tobacco companies, which are among the ten largest taxpayers of Ukraine, may be paralyzed as a result of actions of the former head of the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine Yury Terentev. This is stated in the statement of the Association ukrtûtûn, published on Wednesday, July 8.

It is noted that the Terentyev 30 Jun sued about collecting of the penalty from the four largest international tobacco manufacturers with assets in Ukraine.

As a security measure, the former head of the AMCU insists on arrest of Bank accounts and property companies.

According to the Association, it is almost stop the supply of legal tobacco products for more than 7 million consumers in Ukraine and create conditions for an unprecedented growth in the illegal trade.

The Association considers the actions of the ACU as an attempt to place the responsibility for changes of the tobacco market in 2011-2012 for an international company — while these changes have occurred with the consent of the Antimonopoly Committee.

“As a result, the four producers were fined in the amount of UAH 3.1 bn on charges of allegedly “anticompetitive concerted actions”, — explained in the Ukrtûtûn.

The Association believes illegal new claims against AMC, as the Committee’s decision from October 10, 2019, to impose a fine is stopped according to the law On protection of economic competition for the period of consideration by economic courts of the claims of tobacco companies to challenge such a penalty.

Ukrtûtûn reminded that manufacturers of tobacco products during the work in Ukraine has invested more than $2 billion, and the results of 2019 has paid 55 billion UAH of taxes to the state budget.

As reported, the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine fined the companies-manufacturers of tobacco products Philip Morris, JT, Imperial tobacco, British American tobacco, Pryluky, and the distributor of Tedis on a total amount of 6.5 billion UAH for anti-competitive concerted actions.