AMCU accused of violating the rights of foreign investors

АМКУ обвиняют в нарушении прав иностранных инвесторов


AMC is breaking the law requirements to pay a fine to the court, say in the ass

The Antimonopoly Committee in violation of the law requires to pay a fine in the process of appealing the decision, claiming the ACC.

The Antimonopoly Committee of its actions against international tobacco companies violate the rights of foreign investors in Ukraine, the state amerikanskim chamber of Commerce.

As the European Business Association, the ACC believe that the AMCU shifts the responsibility for their own permits monopolization of the tobacco market at the international tobacco company.

The ACC said that in November 2011, the AMC issued a number of permits consolidation of the market without consultation with manufacturers and other stakeholders.

In a letter to the ACC notes that AMC is trying to force companies to pay a 3 billion fine, in spite of the fact that the process of appeal is not yet complete.

“Premature penalty and the enforcement of a claim in the form of seizure of the property of the companies is in direct violation of the law of Ukraine On protection of economic competition, which can lead to falling State revenues and the creation of preconditions for the unprecedented growth of illegal imports of tobacco products”, — stated in the message.

In connection with timamazonka chamber of Commerce urges to act in the legal field in a dispute with international investors.

Repaintarea tobacco Ukraine paid the fine at 460 million, but pleaded not guilty and said the AMCU about filing an appeal to the court of first instance.

We will note, according to media reports,tobacco companygate submit a claim to arbitration against Ukrainina billions of hryvnia, which will hit investment and filling the budget of Ukraine in a crisis.