‘America is the bright colors’: a Ukrainian violinist Assia Akhat – about his success in the US, beauty secrets and future plans

This winter the American public is waiting for an outstanding musical performance by Ukrainian violinist and singer by Asiya Ahat (Assia Ahhatt). The actress is very much made in the USA, conquered the audience PBS, cooperation with the studios, producers and best agents, and her album was All-In was filed on 8 Grammy nominations, making Asciu the only Ukrainian artist, whose album has received such recognition in the U.S. and world markets.

‘Америка - это яркие краски’: украинская скрипачка Ассия Ахат - о своем успехе в США, секретах красоты и дальнейших планах

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In anticipation of its U.S. tour ForumDaily questioned the singer about her impressions of America, future plans and secrets of success.

Very soon you begins a nationwide tour of the United States. American audiences you know and love. What will surprise them this time, to preserve and increase this love?

Just a few days left before the start of my American tour, and it’s so interesting. I have ensured that my Ukrainian musicians and ballet Freedom given working visas, they go with me to conquer the American audience. Sure American audiences, who will come to our concerts, will receive an incredible emotional charge, because we in the team love reigns. And on stage, this flow of love just covers any auditoriums, whether 500 or 2000 seats. People who are in the hall and feel the joy of this music, because the musical material selected is just incredible, and our mood is impossible not to feel, when we’re on stage. Amazing and unsurpassed ballet Freedom, aesthetics, which will see people from the audience, is something that will never be forgotten. Well what can I say, it is necessary to hear and see, come!

Assia Akhat will perform in such U.S. cities:

  • January 26 — Sacramento (CA);
  • January 28 — San Francisco (CA);
  • 31 January — San Diego (CA).

You were in Ukraine, various European countries, in the United States. Is the audience favorite songs of the audience in different countries? Where you the most pleasant to speak?

Of course, in different countries, my repertoire differs primarily by the fact that in Russian-speaking countries, this repertoire can be song. Fortunate that I grew up playing the violin, and instrumental music has no boundaries therefore, I can speak with her in any country. I have a large repertoire of instrumental music, which in the last few years was created by American producers. It is a repertoire that can be performed in any part of the world, and always will be understandable and accessible to any viewer or listener in the hall.

Plus instrumental music is that the person sitting in the hall, maybe under the influence of her sound to come up with any pictures he may have of any emotions and feelings. When you sing a song, it has meaning, and the listener is forced to think about one thing. In instrumental music — more freedom. The advantage of instrumental music is that, meeting guests that you really want to have an emotional rest, always put on some music without words that will create an individual mood — to each his own.

From instrumental music there is only one disadvantage: the world is less commercial music than the song genre.

As for where I like to make, then, of course, invaluable when you know in your own country, you are on the same level with his audience, who already knows you and is watching your work for over 20 years.

On the other hand, I felt love and absolutely genuine emotions from us viewers. For example, when, during his speech, Chris Botti (Chris Botti) first declared me… he said He travels a lot around the world, collecting Souvenirs, gifts and emotions, and this time I was in Ukraine, and here, meet — Assia Akhat… And at these words the audience was applauding, screaming, many arose during my appearance on the stage. It’s the people who never seen me or heard, but in a way showed their positive — emotional, cool — attitude of joy and of the perception of the artist, on whose performance they bought tickets, spent money. That is, they are obviously programmed in a good mood, and so meet me in America. And it is definitely very nice.

But we — the artists, who have extensive experience on stage, understand that not to worry, even if you meet once dull, with weak-sounding applause. In response you have to show all that you can to the viewer to believe, to see who you are, your professionalism and sounding in music love.

‘Америка - это яркие краски’: украинская скрипачка Ассия Ахат - о своем успехе в США, секретах красоты и дальнейших планах

Photo courtesy of the organizers of the tour

This summer on American public television PBS has released a music show A Music Extravaganzathat has become the result of your popularity with viewers PBS. As he was trained, what experience gave you this project?

A Music Extravaganza musical show, which we produced in conjunction with PBS and producer Gene Bortnik (Gene Bortnick). The show was filmed at the National Opera of Kiev. And that for me was very important because typically, American television actors filmed in America with an American audience. For me it was important to show the beauty of our Opera house. I also wanted to be in my show played and participated by Ukrainian musicians, singers, choir, orchestra, ballet unique Freedom with which I work with the day of their inception in 2002. This is the best artists of Ukraine, so the show turned out very bright, colorful and very modern, despite the fact that we play music from different generations. A lot of songs of those times that sound in our treatment, are unusual and important, and young people like it very much, as the older generation. Our achievement is that at concerts people of all ages – from the elderly, our grandparents, to our children.

All this winter, spring and summer we toured with our show, sang it in the Opera theatres of the different countries, and observed the same picture — people in seemingly the most inspirational places rise from their seats and begin to sing and dance.

You have long and successfully cooperated with producers and artists in the US, but live in Ukraine. Have you thought ever about immigration? What should happen in the life of Assia Akhat to see it finally moved to the USA and not simply come here to work? If you have decided on, whatever it was the city and why?

‘Америка - это яркие краски’: украинская скрипачка Ассия Ахат - о своем успехе в США, секретах красоты и дальнейших планах

Photo courtesy of the organizers of the tour

I worked for many years with the best American music producers. This is nominated for Grammy awards, and winners of this award, and songs I wrote the owners of “Grammy”. I worked with SATCOM RICS – one of the best vocal teachers who has studied such mega stars as Michael Jackson, Madonna and many others.

It is the teacher who taught me to “sing like talking”. The great rule that I learned: you do not need much to open his mouth, something to squeeze. Enough to sing the way you want to talk, not shout about love in the song, and to say as if saying it to a loved one. And in the song, and while playing the instrument need to convey emotion, as in life, without anguish, without any pathos and theatricality. That is, to be natural on stage.

Very many interesting people who played an important role in my life, I found in America. Much wonderful work was done and she lived with one of the top professionals of our time – music producer Humberto Gathic, an 18-time winner of “Grammy”. This is the man who wrote albums such well-known artists, such as Celine Dion or Andrea Bocelli. Our collaborative album with him was filed on 8 nominations “Grammy”.

I feel very comfortable in any of the countries. Can fly to America at least every month — I have a relevant visa. I also fly often to other countries. But my home is in Kiev. Therefore, the question of emigration was never. I’m comfortable where there are people who are pleasant to work with, make friends, chat.

I live in Kiev, in downtown, in a private house, and would never have agreed to live outside the city, because the idea that I’m out of town, throws me into despair. In America, I have been to many places, and I like huge cities. I love to live in a large metropolis where there is a large movement of people, cars. This is, of course, new York, Manhattan, with its huge skyscrapers that scare some people, but for me they are like some kind of giant that protects me to a small beautiful city with beautiful people.

I was in Chicago, Washington, all these cities I really like. I have also traveled to many States and small towns while on tour with world famous American pianist, composer and singer Ethan Bortnik (Ethan Bortnick). In these cities is also very interesting, and the audience there have always been genuinely happy, accepting, positive and loving.

Of course, I love Florida for its climate, I love Miami (Miami) and I love Boca Raton (Boca Raton) — there lives and works the Director of my project Oksana.

‘Америка - это яркие краски’: украинская скрипачка Ассия Ахат - о своем успехе в США, секретах красоты и дальнейших планах

Photo courtesy of the organizers of the tour

What are your impressions of life in the United States? Here is certainly better than in Ukraine? What are you missing here?

In General, the United States is a wonderful country. I only now understand why there are many Americans who do not leave their country and travel a lot around the country. The climate is completely different in different parts of America. Even new Jersey, it would seem, not far from new York city, and there is some beautiful nature. Once in new Jersey from the window of the hotel where I lived, I saw grazing on the hill of deer. That is the beauty of closeness to nature in a fairly big city.

In America, any Russian-speaking person feels free and easy, because America is a country of immigrants, and not shameful, for example, in bad English to refer to the seller or to any person on the street to ask him about something. Of course, it makes life easier, and is very different from a situation in which is non-speaking the local language of the people in Europe.

America is interesting for its colors and for me as a creative person, it is very interesting to observe people, watch how they dress, how they look, because, probably, only in America can you see so many people who came from different parts of the world, with its culture and imagery. I love to walk in Manhattan when I have the time to watch people – how they are all different, and this, too, America is very attractive to artists.

Now we can safely say that the international star status and recognition in the United States have higher than a level of recognition in Ukraine. Why do you think Ukrainian artists abroad, achieve greater success and recognition than at home? Can you talk about that in Ukraine (and in many former Soviet countries) still felt the remnants of the Soviet culture that was not inclined to accept new and unusual things, the results of experiments in music, which deviate from the usual forms?

It is difficult to speculate about where any musician, performer or a singer achieves the best recognition in their own country or abroad. Everyone has their own destiny, and I believe that is what is destined from above. Sometimes some insignificant from the point of view of professionalism the song reaches incredible heights. Apparently, my training in classical music from the age of 5 and higher music education make it difficult for me to understand why people like one or the other absolutely simple kind of song.

I can only guess that they want a holiday they are attracted by the simplicity and accessibility, including both the artist and the music he performs.

In General, the laws of a hit is practically nonexistent. Of course there are certain laws hits songs, but they don’t always work, there’s something completely different.

‘Америка - это яркие краски’: украинская скрипачка Ассия Ахат - о своем успехе в США, секретах красоты и дальнейших планах

Photo courtesy of the organizers of the tour

How hard is it for an artist to work in a foreign country? You find it easier to build a career here or in Ukraine?

Of course, it is easier to build a career in the Ukraine, because in his native country all the more clear. But when you come to America, nobody asks you who your parents are, who your spouse is, what does your family, how many children you have, how old you are. In America look at you, get acquainted with your creativity, I see that you look good that you show the character that you have something to show to the audience, and that’s enough, so you could make a career and to attract attention.

Once in the U.S. I wrote letters of eight music producers of the first magnitude in the world — just a short summary and have made two video works. And each of them answered these letters.

Watching your career, it seems that creativity in you — a fearless experimenter. Having conquered the world with his violin, which was quite far from the classical understanding, you decided not to rest on our laurels, and to enjoy singing. Now, when you know already and as a singer, what other surprises are waiting for your fans? What new role are you ready to learn? Scary if you start something new?

I experimenter in his work, because I have never had a producer before. The producer appeared just a few years ago. He explained to me that he wants to see and hear the American viewer who will watch the show on TV. So our costumes, for example, different from the costumes that we use for tours in the CIS countries. For American viewers of PBS, we wear more moderate costumes.

When I came into show business, Ukrainian producers and songwriters were interested to work with me, but no one knew where to start, so we started with the simplest –processing of classical music. Assistance in this difficult case I had my teacher from the Conservatory, and it is also very valuable to me. To this day he wonders what I’m doing, he empathizes, listens to every new song, and we always call up and see. And when my teacher listened to my album “All in”, which I created with Umberto the Gathic (Humberto Gatica), he wept with pride for me.

When I came into show business, beginning with the processing of classic hits in violin performance, playing not only violin music – and, for example, the organ, which was reworked for violin. I have treatment of Schubert, Schumann, Strauss. In the program, I always add the real sound of classical music, and people do not even realize sometimes what they hear without processing the classics, and they crawl. And I think it is my mission to teach the audience in the hall to the violin performance under the impact of modern treatments, I am sometimes forced to hear the pure classics. In the future the person may have a desire to go into the great hall of the National Philharmonic and to hear some more complex classical pieces played by violin or other instruments.

‘Америка - это яркие краски’: украинская скрипачка Ассия Ахат - о своем успехе в США, секретах красоты и дальнейших планах

Photo courtesy of the organizers of the tour

Since I didn’t have a producer, I began to write instrumental music. For instrumentalist of classical music is unusual because if you go to a serious music school, Conservatory or music Academy, you are forced to play Mozart in macarovskiy, Bach’s bachowski, here I play Bach his way.

I kept saying to composers: “Let’s start singing! This will attract more audience.” I said at first: “No, I’ll never sing. Why do I need it? I’m not a singer. I’m a musician”. But the time came and I decided. Me spodvig a famous composer and producer Ruslan Kvinta, who wrote many hits for our megastars. He began to write my first albums with songs, and I began to experiment with voice. I wanted to sing subtones because I wanted to differ from other artists, and I came up with the melodies with the high jumps, I remembered that in my childhood I sang in the choir in the first soprano. Later I had a period in my life when I started to sing already tight voice, more close to all of our singers, in that moment I thought that these songs could be repeated by any person.

I mean, I cheer for any task, but always was true to his violin. Almost each of the songs, I hear the violin, and I literally tortured all arrangers and authors, which for me was writing songs — always asked that I left a piece for violin solo, which was up with myself.

What I wanted to do for years, wanted to make a project that is closer to lounge music, with some contemporary electronic sounds and my voice full subteam, small phrases that will stick and give a very beautiful emotion associated with love, peace, space, universe, nature and beauty that surrounds us. But having lived most of his life in show business, I realize I still want to see everything you’re doing, it has been claimed. And when I ask myself the question: “who will listen to or see? And whether people want somewhere to hear it, at some stage, or is it just music for home use?”. Here’s a question that I think for about 10 years, and I understand that probably I should do.

‘Америка - это яркие краски’: украинская скрипачка Ассия Ахат - о своем успехе в США, секретах красоты и дальнейших планах

Photo courtesy of the organizers of the tour

The female part of our audience will never forgive, if we don’t ask you about the ways to care for yourself. You are perfectly able to preserve youth and beautiful figure. Is there some secret: what to eat, what not to eat? what sport do you do? What beauty treatments do you prefer?

I’m not going to fool anyone, I just want to say that we must first and foremost say thank you to my genetics, my parents, grandparents for how we look. Of course, it is difficult to a man who was born in a family where there are certain genetic predispositions to premature aging, excessive fullness, or to some defects in the structure of figure influence, of course.

I was lucky — my mom still looks very good, she’s got great skin, good teeth, hair, and all this was passed on to me. Of course, all this must be supported. I hate diets, but I understand that without proper nutrition we can’t look good, so I try as best I can. In my life there are no prohibitions on any products, I allow myself sweet, I love carbohydrate foods such as potatoes and pastries. But just remember that you need to have a conscience, be it on the scale to know your weight literally up to 100 grams. Even without weights I know me and feel your weight, so you can without the weights to control yourself and to hold back a little bit in the diet if necessary. This is the first.

Second, I adhere to method power 8/16, 8 hours when you can eat, 16 I can’t. Me this power, I may at 12 o’clock to start to eat and then at 8 PM to finish. Of course, in America it is easy to eat the right food, as do my American friends – Chia, flax seeds, raisins or dried apricots. There are also all of our favorite pastas and rice, but they are made from plant products, such as pasta with zucchini, rice from cauliflower. I learned about it in America, and are now looking for such products we have in Ukraine.

You can experiment to find something different. If you have good body proportions and good character (note that this is very important), there will be success and recognition, believe me.

If you are not evil, do not wish to harm anyone, I do not envy you if you easy and friendly – these are the qualities that will help, even if you are overweight. So smile, good humor and kindness never hurt anyone. Live without envy and anger — and happiness.

And in my life helped me a lot that I can tolerate. Patience is a very cool-especially for women. And health depends on goodness. Therefore, our beauty is in the important qualities of character, and then everyone grinds their body and weight as needed. Who has willpower, he does it, who does not-can improve their other merits. They have all of you there!

Assia Akhat
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