‘America will remain a sick and lonely’: trump officially announced the US withdrawal from the who

Trump has sent to Congress a notification of the official U.S. withdrawal from the who, said Senator Menendez. Earlier, the us President has suspended the financing of the organization and put forward a number of requirements, writes DW.

'Америка останется больной и одинокой': Трамп официально объявил о выходе США из ВОЗ

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The US President Donald trump has notified Congress of a formal exit from the world health organization (who) on the background of the pandemic coronavirus. On Tuesday, July 7, wrote on Twitter, Senator Bob Menendez, a leading representative of the Democrats in the Senate Committee on foreign Affairs.

“Congress said that the President of the United States officially withdrew the country from the who in the midst of a pandemic. What is the reaction of trump’s COVID-19 is a chaotic and inconsistent is an understatement. This decision will not protect the life or the interests of Americans, it leaves Americans sick, and America alone,” wrote Menendez.

'Америка останется больной и одинокой': Трамп официально объявил о выходе США из ВОЗ

Photo: Twitter/Bob Menendez

The United States abandoned the world health organization on 6 July 2021, said the UN on Tuesday, July 7, after receiving official notification of the decision of President Donald trump over a month ago, writes Reuters.

Trump had to notify the US withdrawal from the Geneva-based UN agencies for one year in accordance with the joint resolution of Congress of 1948, which also requires Washington to pay financial support. The United States currently needs the who more than $ 200 million in the form of compulsory contributions, according to the web site of the who.

“The Secretary-General… is in the process of checking with the world health organization, if all conditions for such a withdrawal is made,” — said the representative of the UN Stefan Dujarric.

The head of the White house at the end of may, in the midst of a pandemic the who has put forward an ultimatum, demanding to prove independence from China and a 30-day period to comply with the United States on reforms. Otherwise, trump has threatened U.S. withdrawal from the organization within two weeks.

According to the American President, who ignored credible reports of the outbreak of a new type in Wuhan in December 2019 or even earlier. In addition, the organization has not conducted an independent investigation after the appearance of the data, at odds with the position of Beijing. Trump also claimed that the who at the end of last year knew about the risk posed by the new coronavirus, but the organization decided not to share this information with the rest of the world.