American Airlines passengers removed from flight from-for refusal to wear a protective mask

The passenger was kicked out of American Airlines plane after he refused to wear a protective mask. Later he claimed that he couldn’t wear it for health reasons, says ABC News.

Пассажира American Airlines сняли с рейса из-за отказа надеть защитную маску

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The activist-conservative Brandon stark “he refused to wear a face-covering” after landing on a flight from LaGuardia to Dallas-Fort Worth, was confirmed by the representatives of the airline.

“After he refused to comply with instructions given to flight crew, our team members asked him to leave the plane,” — said in a statement, American Airlines.

The stark recorded on the video portion of the incident on Board the aircraft.

“You’re asking me to do something that is not law,” says stark of the flight attendant who replied that “the procedure followed by American Airlines”.

There is no Federal Directive requiring that the passengers were wearing masks on Board the plane, but even by may 11, all major US airlines introduced new rules, according to which passengers and crew should wear a face covering. The exceptions are children and people with certain diseases. The mask can be removed while drinking and eating.

Representatives of American Airlines with United Airlines and Delta Air Lines announced that it can ban flights to passengers who refuse to wear a mask on Board, due to complaints from other passengers that the company enforces a policy of wearing masks.

The last thing stark says, before the flight attendant asks him to leave the plane, is that he “does not like to wear masks”.

The strake has told ABC News that after he was removed from the flight, he told the representatives of the airline that cannot wear a mask due to health. The law prohibits asking the passenger to disclose details about his health.

The stark founded #WalkAway Campaign, a campaign that encourages people to leave “the democratic party today.” On the website dedicated to his campaign, also sold protective masks — $20.

“It’s crazy. Absolute madness, ‘ said the hawk in the video, which has housed the Periscope. — We even have a choice anymore”.

The stark said he was able to sit without the mask on another flight to Seattle with a connection in Charlotte.

American Airlines reported that, “consider this incident”.


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