American families pay an additional $8000 to cover the expenses of the country on health care

According to two leading economists, American families in fact pay tax in the amount of $ 8,000 to cover the rapidly growing costs of health care in the country, writes Fox Business.

Американские семьи платят дополнительные $8000, чтобы покрыть расходы страны на здравоохранение

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Economists at Princeton University Anne Case and Angus Deaton at the annual meeting of the American economic Association in San Diego claimed that part of the US population is enriched at the expense of others.

The US health care system is the most expensive in the world, and its cost far exceeds the value of this field in other countries with high income, according to a report by the Organization for economic cooperation and development for 2019. America spends about $ 1 trillion more than Switzerland, the country with the second most expensive health care system. This means that households in the United States spend approximately $ 8,000 more than their Swiss “colleagues”.

Case and Deaton called the additional $ 8,000, which the families pay “capitation tax”. The idea is that the tax falls on every head, regardless of ability to pay.

Despite the fact that the US spends astronomical sums on health care, the country has the lowest life expectancy and highest infant mortality rate compared to Britain, Canada, Germany, Australia, Japan, Sweden, France, Denmark, the Netherlands and Switzerland, according to the JAMA study.

“We can boast that we have the most expensive medical care, said Keyes. We also can now boast that it provides the worst health than residents in any rich country.”

To deal with rising costs, Case and Deaton, winner of the Nobel prize in Economics, stated that all residents must be in the health system, through insurance or single-payer system such as Medicare-for-all, and there should be a control over spending, including price caps on drugs and the government’s decision not to cover the costs of some procedures.

Deaton particularly critical of American physicians, pointing to the fact that 16% of people of the first 1% of income recipients are physicians., according to the research of Professor Williams College John Bakie and others.

“The doctors is a giant conspiracy for the purpose of receiving rent, which robs us of money, and yet everyone loves doctors, said Deaton. — You can’t touch them”.

Changing the health care system was the focus of the presidential candidates of the Democrats Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. Both Senator endorsed and advocated Medicare for all, introducing a wide, multimillion-dollar plans to offset the country’s priorities to the state system.

However, the overhaul of the health care system will not be easy. Economists pointed out that the practice of unexpected billing when the person is taken to the hospital (even the hospital in a network covered by insurance) and then he receives an invoice for the amount insurance does not cover.

Despite overwhelming support among voters — at least three-quarters of Americans favor a policy that will protect them from unexpected billing, and a bipartisan push for action in Congress, pressure from the industry at the end of last year, suppressed these efforts.