American, fought in the Ukraine, wanted for murder in the U.S. (PHOTOS)

Американец, воевавший на Украине, разыскивается за убийство в США (ФОТО)

Former soldiers of the USA Alex Zwiefelhofer and Craig lang, who were arrested on suspicion of killing a married couple in Florida said they fought in the Donbass in the composition of the paramilitary “Right sector”. About it reports “Radio “Freedom”.

Zwiefelhofer and lang are suspected in the murder of a married couple, committed in April in attempt to raise money for a trip to Venezuela to take part in armed conflict. The couple had intended to purchase from lang and Zwiefelhofer weapons in the amount of 3 thousands US dollars. In 2017, the two American citizens were arrested in 2017 in Kenya while trying to enter South Sudan and deported to the United States.

In may this year, lang was on the territory of Ukraine and in an interview with Ukrainian media said that he is fighting in the “Georgian Legion”, as originally wanted to be a part of a professional army. The formation of the banned in Russia “Right sector” are not part of the Armed forces of Ukraine. “I just wanted to help people… I saw the injustice that happened. In this aggression against people who just wanted to be free” – he told the publication about the reasons why he came to Kiev.

In the “Georgian Legion” in connection with the arrest lang said that temporarily stop recruitment of American citizens. What lang is located in the Ukrainian prison in Vinnytsia, was confirmed by the uncle of his girlfriend Igor Skritsky. The essence of langu brought charges, he said.

“Georgian Legion” formed mainly of volunteers-the Georgians. Citizens of Georgia were the first foreigners included in the APU. The battalion commander Mamuka Mamulashvili took part in the formation of several US citizens Mamulashvili stated that lang was part of the battalion very long, but has established himself as a good specialist. According to Mamulashvili, he did not know about the involvement of Langa to the crimes in the United States or Ukraine, as before entering the Armed forces of Ukraine, the security service usually checks the military.

Name lang appears in another criminal case brought in the United States against a U.S. citizen who wanted to go to war in the Donbass in the armed forces. It is reported that lang had addressed a Jarrett William Smith asking for help to join the ranks of the Ukrainian right-wing paramilitaries. Smith was arrested on 21 September on suspicion of trying to attack the network information using a homemade bomb, controlled by mobile phone, planning to perpetrate killings against leftist activists and the attack on the presidential candidate of the Democratic party Beto O’rourke.

The materials of the investigation is the correspondence of Smith and lang on the Internet, dated June 2016. Smith wrote that he had no military experience, but all he wants is to fight. Lang replied that in that case he will have “to kill specific people, which is the black sheep in certain groups.” Previously, the Federal security service of the USA drew attention to the radicalization of the extreme right-wing Americans traveling to Ukraine.