American girl has created a device for people who do not have enough arms

Американка создала устройство для людей, которым не хватает объятий

The whole idea of this unusual design is to show that people lose, communicating only through social networks

American artist Lucy McRae created a device for people who do not have enough hugs in my life.

Machine for Compression arms of the Carpet, which was developed by American artist Lucy McRae, is a response to the continuous digitization of our everyday lives and increasingly technology-oriented society. It is devoted to the alienated reality technology. Despite the fact that now more than ever people are connected to each other, in the process of online communication and interaction missing a very important and necessary component of human existence touch.

Machine for arms is a technological development that helps to overcome the “crisis contact”. Artist from Los Angeles wants to check whether the “mechanical touch” to replace physical contact between people.

“Hugging” machine Lucy McRae was named “Compression carpet.” To test the device, you need to lie on it while someone else turns the handle. Lying on the carpet man in the end is sandwiched between the cushions of the device. Thus simulated arms. However, it remains unclear why the person who turns the handle of the device, just don’t hug someone who needs it.