Amnesty International: Russian troops intentionally bombed schools and hospitals in Syria

The organization urged the UN not to reduce assistance to the civilian population of Syria on the background of the crisis, writes “Voice of America”.

Amnesty International: российские войска намеренно бомбили школы и больницы в Сирии

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The human rights organization Amnesty International presented a new report, detailing 18 air and ground attacks on schools and hospitals committed by forces of the Syrian government and Russia.

The organization came to the conclusion that Russia and Syria have deliberately made attacks on the objects that are in the UN list of “non-strikes purposes.”

The report also notes the compelling evidence of direct Russian participation in illegal air strikes.

Amnesty International said that the UN Security Council should not reduce assistance to the civilian population against the background of war crimes and crimes against humanity in North-West Syria.

The validity period of the resolution in order to deliver humanitarian aid in the Syrian region of Idlib in a transboundary regime to expire in the coming weeks.

“Even by the standards of a disastrous nine-year crisis in Syria, the scale of displacement and humanitarian emergency caused by the recent attacks in Idlib, was unprecedented. The UN Security Council should not cut the lifeline line cross-border humanitarian aid, while thousands of people are on the verge of death,” – said the Director of Amnesty International’s Middle East and North Africa Heba Morayef.

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