Among the 39 killed in the truck in Essex except the Chinese were the Vietnamese. They were paid 30 thousand euros for shipping via Russia and the EU (PHOTO)

The police of the British County of Essex detained 48-the summer man on the case of the death of 39 people whose bodies were discovered in the trailer of the truck, reports The Guardian.

According to the newspaper, the man from Northern Ireland arrested at London’s Stansted airport. He is suspected of trafficking of persons and involuntary manslaughter of 39 people. Thus, for the four people taken into custody in the case of the death of Chinese illegal immigrants in the container-the refrigerator. Earlier Friday, had been arrested 38-year-old man and 39-year-old woman – came from Warrington. First to be arrested was 25-year-old truck driver Maurice Robinson.

It was previously reported that all the victims were citizens of China, however, according to The Guardian, perhaps among the dead were citizens of Vietnam, which were in the hands of a false Chinese passport.

Six Vietnamese families on the eve appealed to his country’s Embassy in the UK asking for help. They reported the disappearance of their relatives after received from them a farewell SMS. In particular, one of the last messages sent 26-year-old Vietnamese named Pham who went to London to stay with relatives across China and Europe, said: “I’m dying, I can’t breathe”. After that communication with it was lost.

“Mom, I’m sorry. My journey has not come to fruition. Mom, I love you so much! I’m dying I can’t breathe… I’m from Gena, Canlock district, ha Tinh province, Vietnam… Sorry, mom” is the message from FAM was received four hours before the discovery of the bodies.

Earlier, Pham wrote, the family that she can’t call, just write, because the people carrying it in the UK, have banned all phone calls.

Several Vietnamese families reported to the Embassy that their loved ones, the arrival of which they have been waiting for days, stopped to get in touch with early Wednesday morning, just the time when the bodies were discovered in a truck in Essex.

According to the BBC, among the 39 killed in the truck was Vietnamese Nguyen Dinh Luong. In addition, there could be a 15 year old citizen of Vietnam, whose family called a few days ago, smugglers and announced that 23 November will be delivered to the UK, so it is necessary to prepare the payment. But then the relationship with these people was broken.

Among the missing 26-year-old man and 19-year-old woman from Vietnam.

Just missing persons, which collects VietHome human rights organization, counts more than 20 citizens of Vietnam.

All the relatives of the missing who have paid for their illegal journey to Britain, have received from the smugglers of the money back.

According to BBC, the family FAM had to pay 30 thousand euros (26 thousand pounds) for its illegal shipping to the UK. A source confirmed to The Guardian that the family FAM had to mortgage your house to pay such amount.

Such an amount of money to smuggle people into the UK from China, Vietnam and other Asian countries standard.

According to the BBC, illegal immigrants are driven through Russia, Poland, Germany and France. In France, they gather in large groups and trafficked into Britain.

The smugglers provide all comers three “class delivery” – the “elite” implies transportation in the cab of the truck and stay overnight in hotels or motels, and the lowest, which is cynically called the CO2 (carbon dioxide, natural refrigerant) means carriage inside airless containers.

According to investigators, it is possible that among the dead in a truck in Essex, in fact, can be and Vietnamese who traveled with fake Chinese passports. The police, however, stressed that no official statements on the nationalities of the victims will not be made until the results of the expertise to identify bodies.

Police have urged anyone who sees that their friends or relatives could be in the trailer to contact them – even those who “illegally reside in the country.” The police assured that all information is confidential and any action against illegal immigrants will not be made.

The trailer, which was discovered 39 bodies, went on ferry from Zeebrugge (Belgium) on Tuesday evening in the port of Purfleet (United Kingdom), where he arrived on Wednesday afternoon. The truck bodies were found in the industrial Park in Grays.

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Bulgaria, said that the Scania truck was registered in Varna in the company belonging to a citizen of Ireland. At the same time, the Prime Minister of Bulgaria Boyko Borisov said that Bulgaria does not have “any connection” with the truck, in addition to its registration in the country, and that the vehicle entered the country from 2017.