An “all-inclusive” program for your job, anyone?

An “all-inclusive” program for your job, &cced he told you?


Companies are showing more and more originality in recruiting employees in the context of a labor shortage. Aspasie, a Trois-Rivières company now offers an “all-inclusive” program to its workers. 

Many employees joined the program. The company offers up to $2,880 in benefits to its workers each year. They are thus entitled to an annual subscription to the Center Athlétique de Trois-Rivières, baskets of local products worth $30 each month, two tickets to the Cinéma Le Tapis Rouge, $70 in gift cards at the family's restaurants. Cassar and $400 of gas per year.

“I joined without hesitation,” said Sylvie Milette, who works in assembly at the Saint-Barnabé plant. For her, it is an additional motivation to go to work and an opportunity to spend on services she would forego due to the rising cost of living.

Transportation, food , physical activity and culture have been targeted.

“What we offer is a bit of additional purchasing power for our people,” explained the director of human resources at Aspasie, Mylène Carignan.

She adds that the well-being of employees is prioritized, allowing them to go out, eat well and stay active.

The program also allows employees to take training outside of work, according to their interests. Each will receive a credit of $500 annually.

Some employees already have a plan. “My grandson wants to take karate lessons. Maybe I'll sign up for karate with him once a week,” said Manon Cossette.

More than 60% of employees already participate in the program. The company hopes that the offer will be attractive enough to fill the vacant positions.