An alley in Hochelaga in the name of Doctor Gilles Julien

An alley in Hochelaga in the name of Doctor Gilles Julien


An alley located between rue Adam and rue La Fontaine, in the borough of Mercier–Hochelaga-Maisonneuve in Montreal, has been symbolically renamed “alley Doctor Julien” by the Center de pédiatrie sociale en communautaire (CPSC ) La Ruelle d'Hochelaga. 

Nearly 200 people gathered on Sunday for the unveiling of the name of the alley and to celebrate the work of Dr. Julien.

“For thirty years, [he] has been involved in improving the health and well-being of children in vulnerable situations. In the neighborhood, we go to “Doc Julien” for a bit of everything: find mittens or a toque, get treatment for minor sores that occur on the way to school or have a snack, “said the mayor of the borough, Pierre Lessard-Blais, by press release.

“By associating an alley with the symbol of Dr. Julien's commitment, we recognize the importance of social solidarity with the families of Hochelaga,” added Mr. Lessard-Blais.

Recall that in 1997, the man who is nicknamed the father of social pediatrics created the first community social pediatrics center located in Hochelaga-Maisonneuve, called La Ruelle d'Hochelaga. Today, more than forty social pediatrics centers in Quebec follow this model of integrated medicine.

“In Hochelaga, I I discovered an impoverished district, certainly, but one of exceptional authenticity. As soon as I arrived, and after a few clinics in the basement of a former presbytery, I explored the neighborhood to meet the population there, and perhaps also new allies. It was the beginning of a beautiful story with this district. I received a lot there on a human level, and I feel blessed to rub shoulders with the “real world”, so transparent and grateful,” said the main interested party, Dr. Gilles Julien.