An American company, in addition to the stadium, wants to buy the club “Chernomorets”

Американская компания, в придачу к стадиону, хочет купить и клуб "Черноморец"

The prospects of “Chernomorets”, while vague

U.S. investment Fund Allrise Capital, which bought at auction the stadium “Chernomorets”, intends to purchase the club.

This was stated by representing the interests of the Fund Igor Perun.

“I act as a consultant Allrise Capital for future purchase of football club “Chernomorets”. After winning the bid my friends approached me with the question, what do you think about the idea of the revival of football in Odessa. I said that it is promising, but whether you can afford? I answered in the affirmative, after which there was a need to meet with the President of FC Chornomorets Leonid Klimov and discuss the subject – whether buying or investing. In short, to consider options for the development of the football club”, – quotes the namesake of the God of thunder in Slavic mythology UA-Football.

According to Perun meeting with the representative of the President of the “Chernomorets” has already occurred.

“So now everything in this matter depends only on the solutions and answer Klimov (club President Leonid Klimov – approx. LB.UA).

While Perun told what specific ideas are there about the return of football to Odessa.

“One option would be the creation of a new club – for example, to register in Odessa conditional, “Food”, which at one time defended the colors of the city in the USSR championship and was a distant forerunner of today “Chernomorets”. I offered to call the team of sport club “Odessa” and under it at our stadium to come in the Second League. And then for several seasons through the League First, to take a seat in the class of the strongest. But company representatives this option is categorically rejected, as deeply studied the question, was convinced that the club with such a history to bury in any case impossible. They are willing to work only with the observance of sports principles. They are not interested in any merger or purchase of a place in the Premier League. In the case of acquisition of the club, the new owners intend to do everything possible to bring it to the highest level. These people have a reasonably clear and principled position: the name “Chernomorets” should certainly be retained, and the team needs in a fair fight by a sports principle, to go from the First League to the Premier League,” stressed the representative of the Fund.