An armed attack on a synagogue in Germany: terrorist arrested, police said…

Вооруженное нападение на синагогу в Германии: террорист арестован, полиция рассказала...

Thursday, October 10, police in the German city of Halle (Saxony-Anhalt) announced the completion of the RAID, which was conducted in connection with the armed attack on the local synagogue. As reported by “FACTS”, October 9 at Galle killed two people, several local residents were injured. The German authorities officially acknowledged that it was a terrorist attack motivated by anti-Semitism.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel expressed to the relatives of the victims of the tragedy deepest sympathies. In the evening she visited the synagogue in Berlin, where he said: “We Express our solidarity to all the Jews in the feast of Yom Kippur, thanks to the security forces that have carried out an operation”.

Suspect in armed robbery arrested in Galle. According to the newspaper Bild, this 27-year-old Stefan Ballet. The police came to the conclusion that the original message like you were shooting two people, not true. Apparently, people saw the same vehicle — a grey Volkswagen Golf, which Ballet moves around the city. All this happened in a fairly short period of time, and frightened witnesses decided that the shooters were at least two.

Now the police have reconstructed the chronology of events. Because Ballet was one, and he is in custody, the surgery decided to stop.

“FACTS” already reported that Stefan, in imitation of arrow from Christchurch to Brenton to Tarrant, who committed March 15, 2019, the bloodiest attack in the history of New Zealand, led the video footage in real time on the Internet. The camera he mounted on my helmet. The whole video lasts 35 minutes. It begins with the fact that Ballet is sitting in a car and discusses the reasons for the decline of Western civilization. They blamed the feminists and the Jews. Also, insulting is also expressed in the address of immigrants. He especially doesn’t like the Turks.

Вооруженное нападение на синагогу в Германии: террорист арестован, полиция рассказала...

The next part of the recording made after Stefan attacked the synagogue. He expresses regret that he never managed to get inside.

Indeed, the Chairman of the Jewish community Halle Max Privorotski, who was at the time of the attack inside the synagogue, along with about 80 believers, told that the shooter a few minutes trying to get inside. Fortunately, the sturdy doors held. Privorotski seen through the camera of external observation, as the assailant repeatedly shot the door of the synagogue, threw several Molotov cocktails and what looks like a grenade.

Frustrated by the failure of the Ballet moved down the street towards the Jewish cemetery. At this point, he hailed a passing woman, and Stefan shot her. He then threw a grenade through the cemetery fence and went on towards the cabanas. There it is right next to the front door shot and killed a man. Took out another grenade and tossed it inside. It did not explode. Making some more shots at random, Ballet came back to the car and disappeared.

Вооруженное нападение на синагогу в Германии: террорист арестован, полиция рассказала...

A few minutes later he stopped in the middle of the street, got out of the car and fired two or three shots from the weapon, which resembled a grenade launcher. This moment was filmed by a random witness. This record helped the police to quickly establish the registration number of the Volkswagen Golf.

Ballet began around Galle in the range of about 14-15 km. He opened fire in two villages. One of them threw a Volkswagen and stole another car, injuring two people. The second car he also cast apparently ran out of gas. Police arrested the suspect when he tried to leave by taxi. According to some, Stefan was heading in the direction of Leipzig or Dresden.

According to Der Spiegel, the Ballet had not previously come to the attention of law enforcement. He didn’t do any, even minor offenses.

The European Parliament at its meeting paid tribute to the victims in Galle with a moment of silence. “Our thoughts are focused on Germany and the Jewish community of this country”, — said the President of the European Parliament David Sassòli.

UN Secretary-General, antónio Guterres, condemned the attack in Galle, calling it another tragic act of anti-Semitism. He called for a decisive struggle with manifestations of hatred of Jews.

There’s a Syrian, hijacked a truck, rammed in the town centre from eight cars. Nine people injured. It is not known whether the attack in Galle to be associated with a recent traffic incident in Limburg.

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