An armed man has stolen in Oslo car ‘ambulance’ and made arrival on people (PHOTOS, VIDEO) (PHOTOS)

Вооруженный мужчина угнал в Осло автомобиль 'скорой помощи' и совершил наезд на людей (ФОТО, ВИДЕО) (ФОТО)

An armed man has stolen in Oslo, the car of “ambulance” and made arrival on people, several people were injured.

According to police, the attacker was detained after police opened fire on the car. “We opened fire to stop the criminal”, – reported in Twitter of the police.

In the operation involved a helicopter. Eyewitnesses reported that the attacker was shot by the guards. As a result, two police cars crashed into a car “ambulance” on both sides. The detainee has not received serious wounds. The photo shows that the culprit is dressed in military green pants and a camouflage jacket.

At the moment, the search continues for the accomplice of the detained women, which also is suspected in the theft of the car “emergency.”
The exact number of victims in the incident is still unknown. According to Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten, controlled by an attacker, the car hit the stroller, two seven-month-old twins and their mother were hospitalized. In addition, injured an elderly couple.