An eyewitness told about the mysterious creature, changing its shape


Очевидец рассказал о загадочном существе, меняющем свою форму

An unusual observation was made in the USA.

This story was posted on the website of LON Strickler, American researcher of the mysterious creatures. The author is listed only under the name “SFW,” according to the with reference on Paranormal news.

“I saw something near the forest on three separate occasions and in different places, but each time it was the same creature. I have more than 30 years and these observations were a few years in areas on the East coast of the United States.

The first time was when I was in school and it was the most long-term observation. The second time I saw the creature only briefly, but the third time I saw him all right, but not for long.

I just call him a creature because I do not know what it was. It didn’t look like a Yeti and didn’t look like a wild man, a Rake, a Man-lizard or other famous monsters. It seems to me that that thing was a werewolf, as it could change parts of his body.

Очевидец рассказал о загадочном существе, меняющем свою форму

1) the First observation happened in southern new Hampshire in the summer of 2000 or 2001. Time after midnight. The observation lasted about ten seconds.

I went to the house of his friend from his apartment building and for this I had to pass through a small grove, which was a private property. We often cut a path though the owner of the site and tried a couple of times to scare, firing into the air or aiming at us in the light of its searchlight. This does not frighten us, but only taught to move the plot very subtly, carefully moving between the trees.

That night I quietly crossed the forest and when he came out, stopped by the road, because something to the left caught my attention. This is something also came from the same woods and went to the road and I got a good look at it when it hit the light road lamp.

It was dark and at first I decided that it was just a shade (maybe even mine), but immediately realized that wrong, because “shadow” was and under her feet was heard a loud crunch of leaves. In form it resembled very hungry African child that is looked like a little man with thin arms and legs. In height he did not reach the meter

It was dark, but I was able to see that these thin arms and Legs,” nothing ended, that is, the creature has no hands and feet. And they were so thin that it seemed physically impossible that they hold the weight of the body and head.

The movement of the creature was even more frightening than his appearance. I was even difficult to explain what they were unnatural and creepy. The creature was moving from the trees to the side of the road and his steps were very awkward and clumsy, as if for the first time, so it goes.

Очевидец рассказал о загадочном существе, меняющем свою форму

His head was in the shape of a light bulb and a rounded belly stood out on a thin body. In addition, even once under the light of a lantern, the creature had no his own shadow.

I stood frozen and looked at him and my brain was trying to process the unthinkable, what I saw. It lasted only ten seconds, as I wrote above, and during this time, the creature hobbled over to the curb, and then slightly descended down into the gutter. And then it looked at me. Person from a long distance I could not see, and from my seat it all looked like a black humanoid mass, with difficulty walking on their feet-matches.

And then I, with all haste rushed back through the woods to his home. Because the creature suddenly stood on all fours and quickly ran to my side on the grass. And in this form it moved exactly like an animal, resembling the shadow of a dog or cat.

It is not just changing, it has changed completely. The black head suddenly appeared a yellow eyes and it made that loud sound, like a cross between a hiss shrieking. The sound was not similar to the cries of the animal or the cry of a man.

I was so scared I ran without looking back and ran as fast as he could. I had forgotten about the evil guard of this forest and about what here it is necessary to walk carefully. I never told anyone about what he saw here tonight.

2) the Second time it happened in Central Florida in the spring of 2006. It was about 8 PM. This time it all happened very quickly, but I’m 90% sure it’s the same creature.

My friend went to rest in tourist camp and we were on the trail, and then my friend and I decided to take a short cut across a small river and I went around the same path. And then on the left I heard a strange sound and when I turned around, I noticed how behind the tree flashed something black with a very thin limbs.

I ran in the same direction, but behind the tree there was nothing there. I was not told about this friend and the night spent camping was nothing unusual.

Очевидец рассказал о загадочном существе, меняющем свою форму

3) the third time it was on the Eastern shore of Virginia on 8 June 2019. That is just a few days ago. This third case prompted me to write about all these observations. This being me eerily scary.

I was at the Birthday party of his old friend, but I wasn’t drinking, I drink little and rarely. To be honest, I have from time to time drink medicinal herbal teas, but that’s it.

My friend lives with her husband in a private house, surrounded by fields, beyond which is a lush forest. I from time to time came here for a visit and met this thing here. But that night I went outside to smoke and came down from the porch to the side of the field. And I had to throw a glance on the field, I again saw the now familiar to me black silhouette like a shadow of a hungry skinny kid with legs like sticks.

It looked like before with large, slightly elongated head, a protruding belly and thin limbs. And it also does not cast shadows.

Sharply from the rush of fear and surprise, I stumbled and fell to his knee, and when began to rise, we saw this black creature, now a creature on all fours, like the shadow of a dog, very quickly runs into the forest.

I again assure you that being on all fours, it wasn’t moving, lowering to all fours the man, and moved exactly like an animal and his knees were bent back. I walked here and there, but the creature did not reappear, I went back to the party.

In the next minute I couldn’t stop thinking about this creature and eventually early left the celebration and went to his home. I have so many questions. Why do I feel this creature I see only one? If it haunts me, and knows me, why every time I seemed to catch him by surprise and it either runs away or tries to scare me?

I hope I’m not the only one who sees this horror. It seems to me that this thing is not from our world and does not live according to our laws of physics, as it does not cast a shadow, and it seems two-dimensional creature in a three dimensional world.

One of my guesses is that maybe at some point I slipped out of our space and so we could see IT.”

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