An immigrant from Russia became the Prosecutor of one of districts of California: a success story

An immigrant from Russia Nikita Skokov works in Prosecutor’s office the Sacramento County (CA). This is stated in the video, County Prosecutor’s office Sacramento.

Иммигрант из России стал прокурором одного из округов Калифорнии: история успеха

Screenshot: Youtube/Sacramento County District Attorney’s Office

“Hello, my name is Nikita, I’m the district attorney of the County of Sacramento. I work in the da’s office about two years. I was born in Moscow (Russia), and moved to the United States at the age of 3-4 years, so what about Russia almost did not remember,” — says Nikita.

Skokov spent his childhood in California and decided not to leave the family and get a job close to home.

“I grew up here in California. I graduated from law school in San Diego (CA) University of Law, also in San Diego, continues Nikita. — Before that I lived in the BayArea. One of the reasons why I went back to Sacramento, is that my family is near here. That’s why I settled in Sacramento for work.”