An international disgrace

An international disgrace


Endless queues surrounding passport offices. Police called to calm the discontent of frustrated citizens. Time and energy wasted on obtaining such a vital and essential government service as renewing your passport.  

This is the “beautiful” image that Canada is projecting with its passport crisis. 

After having managed to “save” the Canadian economy and its millions of victims of the pandemic with $500 billion, the same Trudeau government is embarrassing us worldwide with the incredible mess that is raging at Passport Canada. Passport Canada has been overwhelmed and unable to meet passport renewal requests for months.  


However, it was highly predictable that following the low passport renewal rate during the first two years of the pandemic, demand would explode as soon as the borders opened.  

As proof, last March, in Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada's Main Estimates 2022-23, it was mentioned that the expected volume of passport applications was going to amount to 1.1 million. < /p>

“We strive to issue passports as quickly as possible,” says the Passport Canada website. Due to high volume, processing times are longer than usual. » 

Yes, the nice excuse of the high volume, as if it were surprising!  


Passport Canada gives the impression of being run by people running around like chickens without a head.  

At the start of the year, in anticipation of the reopening of the borders, the Minister responsible for Passport Canada, Karina Gould, should have ordered the leaders of Passport Canada to immediately put in place a series of measures to meet the demand renewal of passports. 

Example of special measures that should have been deployed quickly:   

  • Immediate release of 'a special budget to meet demand  
  • Training and hiring additional staff   
  • Extension of opening hours of passport offices  
  • Opening of offices 7 days a week  
  • Acceleration of verification of information  
  • More additional time   


Instead of putting forward such a package of measures to meet the strong demand for passport renewals, what did Justin Trudeau and his Minister of Finance Chrystia Freeland do last March?  

For the current fiscal year, 2022-23, they have increased the Main Estimates of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) by $654 million, bringing it to $3.91 billion.   

The problem? To finance part of these additional expenditures by the IRCC department, they have notably decided to draw $57.4 million from the Passport Program Revolving Fund, which program must be self-financing from the services provided to citizens. 

Trudeau and his minister Freeland believe that the $57.4 million withdrawn from the Passport Program Revolving Fund could be replenished by the increase in revenue generated by the expected volume of 1.1 million passport applications. passport, in 2022‐2023.  

In my opinion, this financial maneuver demonstrates that the Trudeau government was fully aware that a strong demand for passport renewals was going to occur.  

But he totally missed his mark by letting the situation deteriorate to the point that a passport crisis has been hitting the country for weeks and weeks. It is shameful ! It is absolutely necessary to correct the situation by working twice as hard in the offices of Passport Canada, seven days a week!  

An international disgrace