An interview with Jessica Biel about Justin Timberlake, for which she is ashamed: archived video

An excerpt from an interview of 1999 was in a new edition of the evening show, Jimmy Fallon.

Интервью Джессики Бил про Джастина Тимберлейка, за которое ей стыдно: архивное видео

On a visit to American TV host Jimmy Fallon actress Jessica Biel. And she obviously did not expect that she would have to blush for a private interview 20 years ago. Long before she started Dating Justin Timberlake (this happened in 2007), they went completely different ways. While Justin was the singer of the popular boy band NSYNC (by the way, in 2018, the group received a star on the walk of fame and Beale was at the opening ceremony), Jessica starred in the TV series “Seventh heaven” (7th Heaven) and, as it turned out, not very fond of the work of her future husband.

First, Fallon asked the actress if she was a fan of the music of NSYNC and the Backstreet Boys.

Well, no. I listened to more old-fashioned things. I lived in rock, and I didn’t like pop culture.

And in a moment Jessica realized what he is talking, but to stop it failed and I saw an excerpt of archival interviews. In it the actress was asked to say my opinion about the group NSYNC:

Honestly, I don’t listen to them… Absolutely… I know them, of course, and I know their music. But I don’t think I have at least one disk. I’m not a big fan of this band, but I think they are cool.

Jessica’s reaction to his own words was priceless. It is hoped that during this time Justin was busy with their son and didn’t look at the issue.