An unexpected biofuel production in Port-Cartier

Unexpected biofuel production in Port-Cartier


The first two weeks of the resumption of activities at the Bioénergie AE Côte-Nord plant in Port-Cartier resulted in biofuel production that exceeded expectations.

After a break of two and a half years, Bioénergie AE Côte-Nord restarted its production from June 27 to July 12, and no one there expected to produce so many liters of biofuel from wood residue from the Arbec plant.

“In two weeks, we made 700,000 [litres of biofuel] versus 4 million in two to three years of operations, so we are very enthusiastic, very encouraged by the changes that have been made”, proudly launched the vice -president of operations, Côte-Nord sector, Tony Chabot.

This increase in the production of biofuel sold at the neighboring ArcelorMittal plant is explained by the correction of failures in the last year.

This work has reduced the frequency of breakdowns causing production stoppages, thereby increasing the plant's efficiency rate.

“The changes made by the engineering teams have really paid off. For example, in the past, we had an average rate of 60% of the production line. In the two weeks that we did, we had an average of 85%,” said Tony Chabot.

Temporary break at the factory

< p>After two weeks of conclusive tests, the company, which is hiring 32 full-time employees, put production on hold this week and will resume on August 15.

This resumption of production is ensured by a long-term partnership term between Bioenergy AE Côte-Nord and ArcelorMittal.

“We stopped on Tuesday because our tanks have a storage capacity of approximately 700,000 liters [of biofuel]. Our tanks are full. Why? It's that the factory went better than we hoped. We already knew that we would have to stop during the summer period to allow ArcelorMittal to gradually increase [its] capacity to consume biofuel. The break is going to be a little longer than anticipated given that production has been much higher than expected,” detailed Tony Chabot.

The mayor of Port-Cartier is also delighted with this news.

“We see a lot of people who had gone elsewhere and who have come back. They got way more resumes than they expected. For Port-Cartier, this is excellent news,” said Alain Thibault.