“An unforgettable moment”: Benjamin St-Juste contributed to the victory of the Commanders

“An unforgettable moment”: Benjamin St-Juste contributed to the victory of the Commanders


On Thursday night, cornerback Benjamin St-Juste experienced euphoria when he helped put an end to the Bears' threat at the goal gate, at the very end of the game. A key game that allows the Quebecer and his team, the Washington Commanders, to breathe a bit. 

The Commanders were clinging to a slim 12-7 lead when the Bears began the last-ditch offensive push. Progressing on the ground, the latter found themselves five short yards from goal with four tries in their pocket. With just 45 seconds left on the clock, the tension peaked. 

On their first three downs, the Bears gained just one yard. On the ultimate play, which St-Juste broke down with the Journal in a phone interview, the Commanders called a blitz that left their defensive backs without support. 

Mooney is the Bears' best receiver this season and when St-Juste saw him line up in front of him, he knew the ball was coming his way. 

“I knew I was going to have to do the game. It's hard to keep calm with the stress and the noise, but you have to keep the focus on the details and the technique. I knew my eyes had to stay on the receiver,” he explained.

Never give up

Mooney first went inward at first, before suddenly branching outward. At the time, St-Juste seemed trapped, but he quickly returned to his target by intervening. the ball to Mooney, who then recovered it before being tackled to the ground, a few millimeters from the goal line. 

“When he cut out I ran as fast as I could making sure I used my right hand to separate him from the ball and my left hand to push him out of the end zone. The key is that I never stopped playing,” he said.  

“I knew we were putting a lot of pressure on the quarterback (Justin Fields) and that his ball wouldn't be as accurate as he wanted. He didn't have the angle for a low trajectory.” 

Important victory 

As soon as he noticed in a fraction of a second that he had managed to force Mooney to juggle the ball, St-Juste had no doubt that victory was in his pocket. 

“I knew there was no touchdown and we were winning the game. It's an unforgettable moment for me because I know how much we needed this victory”, he expressed. 

Indeed, the Commanders showed a record of a victory and four defeats before the meeting. In this situation, another setback could send the team into a negative spiral. 

“All the victories we can get, we have to get them to continue to give us the motivation to work hard. We had just lost three games in a row and we were being asked more and more questions,” sighed the third-round pick in the 2021 draft. 

Very busy 

For St-Juste, it was his biggest workload this season, he who only left the field for two games in defense. 

Playing inside at the start of the campaign, he was brought back to his natural position, on the outside, to replace cornerback William Jackson III. The latter, hired at a high price last season on the free agent market, would apparently like to find himself elsewhere. 

This means that the supporters in Washington clearly have no I haven't finished hearing about St-Juste. 

“I was already in, but I didn't have a solid position. What is a good sign is that I have shown that I can adapt to both positions as a cornerback. It is certain that I played much more outside in my life, so it is more natural for me in my preparation, ”he reacted.  

Benjamin St-Juste has taken part in 85% of his defensive plays this season, registering 18 tackles in addition to knocking down four passes. The Commanders play their next game next Sunday at home against the Packers.