Analysts described the impact of the global economic crisis

World Bank experts have prepared a report on the impact of a global pandemic coronavirus infection global economy.

Аналитики назвали последствия мирового экономического кризиса

It is reported portal “Hvilya” with reference to the official website of the organization.

Economists from the world Bank were updated forecast on the further development of the world economy, suffered from the effects of a global pandemic coronavirus infection. Experts in the industries are convinced that before the end of 2020 the fall of its indicators reach to 5.2 percent. The conclusions have been supported in the thesis report entitled “world economic Outlook”.

At the world Bank believe that the global epidemic of coronavirus, and caused by the quarantine restrictions were literally paralysing effect on the world economy, kupirovan its development and pushing the macroeconomic processes at years ago. By the end of this year, the process of a deep recession only to get worse.

The fall in aggregate GDP for advanced economies in the current year by 7%, and in emerging-market and developing — 2.5%. This recession will be the most serious since the Second world war, and the decline in production per capita will reach the greatest percentage of countries since 1870.

“In the circumstances, there has been the rapid and steep decline in world growth forecasts. If the past is any guide, we may experience a further decline in growth, which implies that the world’s politicians may have to be prepared to take additional measures to support the economic activities of other countries,” explained lead economist at the world Bank Ayhan of His.

The analysts believe that the most serious problems expect those States, which directly depend on world trade, tourism, commodity exports and external financing. However, a gradual recovery could begin in 2021, and global GDP growth will be 4.2%.