Analysts expect growth of the dollar

Аналитики ожидают рост курса доллара

Photo: Корреспондент.net

The hryvnia fell for two days at 50-60 cents

The hryvnia continues to become cheaper, but the rate of decline will depend on the speed of the appointment of the new head of the NBU, he said.

After the resignation of the head of the national Bank of Yakov Smoliy, the dollar will continue to go up, according to Maxim Parkhomenko, an analyst at Alpari, Pechersk-Ukraine on Friday, 3 July.

“The rate may continue to increase to 27.50 UAH per dollar”, — he said.

He recalled that the next week expire Oleg Churia, which is responsible for the currency bloc of the NBU.

“This means that in the future can be changed monetary policy and the NBU will repeat the practice of Egypt — to buy surplus foreign currency. The result of such operations is a sharper decline of the national currency in the future and the reduced interest of international investors to the domestic debt,” — says Parkhomenko.

He noted that this week the hryvnia sank to all world currencies. In tandem with the dollar, the Ukrainian currency has lost 65 cents, and paired in the Euro sank to 75 cents.

The analyst noted that the depreciation of the hryvnia has influenced not only the resignation Smoliy, and the abolition of the placement of Ukraine’s Eurobonds for $ 1.7 billion.

In addition, Parkhomenko noted the failure of interventions of the Central Bank, which spent more than $ 100 million to contain the fall of the hryvnia.

Earlier, Finance Minister Sergei Marchenko said that the resignation Smoliy Silene will affect the currency market.