Anastasia Kozhevnikova said, sings if VIA Gra to the soundtrack

Former lead singer of the group VIA Gra Anastasia Kozhevnikova said, if the team sings the soundtrack.

Анастасия Кожевникова рассказала, поёт ли ВИА Гра под фонограмму

This was discussed in an interview with Slava Demin in the show “Glory”. According to Nasti, the group uses one technical caveat, but the girls aren’t lip-synch.

“The only thing we did podmahivala choruses. That’s OK, because they are often more dynamic and we sang them at double, that is, on top of a phonogram”-

said Kozhevnikova.

Kozhevnikova said that in the choruses of most of the necessary drive and, thus, this technical trick is used by many artists.

“All the Western artists work. They even removed the microphone and go dancing in the moment when they plutovka works”-

says the artist.

More about the group VIA Gra, the relationship with her husband and cost a solo career in the new issue of “GLORY”.

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