And the Crimea, said the shortage of a popular product

“The Chairman of the Council of Ministers” the occupation authorities in the annexed Crimea Yuri Gocanux said the deficit is now not only water, but buckwheat on the Peninsula because of the increased demand for cereals among Crimeans. So the buckwheat had to be imported from the Altai region of Russia.

А Крыму заявили о дефиците популярного продукта

About the same time, Putin’s protege said at a meeting of the operational headquarters, to combat the spread of coronavirus infection 23 March — the Crimea.Realities.

“From the Altai region already received a batch of buckwheat and today it will be distributed by retail chains. The weekend rush in the shopping centers was not observed, the prices increased, but only slightly buckwheat, rice and sugar,” said Hotsanic.

According to the representative of the aggressor in Crimea continues daily monitoring for the presence of food in trading networks the annexed Peninsula, as well as monitoring of prices for main food products in retail networks markets.

Saturday, March 21, the occupation “authorities” of the Crimea reported the first case of coronavirus.

“In the Republic of Crimea confirmed its first case of coronavirus infection in a resident of the Peninsula, arrived from France. He crossed the state border of the Russian Federation in the automobile checkpoint. It is established that sick when crossing the border is not reported on the stay in the countries affected by the coronavirus,” — said the head of the Crimea.

Days earlier, it was decided that the crossing was closed with Crimea quarantined due to pandemic coronavirus.