Andie MacDowell commented on the novel daughter of Margaret Coolly with Pete Davidson

The daughter of Andie MacDowell, the actress of the film “One day in Hollywood…” Margaret Coolly recently Dating a comedian, a leading evening show Saturday Night Live (and some male model) Pete Davidson.

Энди Макдауэлл прокомментировала роман дочери Маргарет Куолли с Питом Дэвидсоном

Journalists talked about the new novel, which supposedly lasts a few months, back in August, however, evidence was not. For the first time a couple was caught together during the Venice film festival in early September. And that was followed by the first reaction to their relationship from mom girls, Andie MacDowell. At fashion Week, which now is in Paris, the actress commented on the novel with the daughter of a comedian:

They have a great relationship, but I don’t want to interfere too much. They are all good.

However, McDowell was quick to add that haven’t met Pete personally:

We once talked on FaceTime, and Margaret sent me a video with him so I know him only at a distance.

About the previous relationship, 24-year-old Margaret is not known. But the 25-year-old Pete to actress had a turbulent personal life: he’s practically married to Ariana Grande and managed to meet the parents of Kate beckinsale. But both novels ended in separation.