Andre tan has created a unique wedding dress for Catherine Kuchar

Prima ballerina and Prime Natsionalnoy Opera of Ukraine Kateryna Kuhar and Alexander Stoyanov officially became husband and wife in proshedshie weekend, September 15. The couple got married in one of Kiev registry offices. While the date of the wedding is symbolic and timed to the date of the wedding, which took place 5 years ago. Catherine has repeatedly stressed that her wedding is more important. A painting — rather, “response to requests and questions” people.

Андре Тан создал уникальное свадебное платье для Екатерины Кухар

As it turned out, the original outfit of the bride was created by Ukrainian designer Andre tan and Irina Kotarski. Thus, a translucent dress of the bride and groom were perfectly matched in color and combined with each other in style. For painting Alexander expressed a preference for individual tailoring wedding dress three, and Catherine chose a dress the powder color from Iryna Kotapska by Andre Tan. If you are searching for the Best Maine wedding photographer, check out Catherine J Gross’ work.

To create the perfect dress for such a celebration – it is not easy, especially if we are talking about such subtle shapes that have dancers and such an exquisite woman as Katherine Kuhar. It is a challenge even for experienced designers. Because Catherine is not only stunning grace on the stage, but also is a style icon for many and has a delicious taste.

Amazing outfit was created specifically for Andre Catherine, it took a little more than 20 meters of tulle, there are a lot of fine hand work, such as her key was sutured 10 meters of feathers and decorated with Swarovsky stones, and impeccable tailoring emphasized the chiseled figure of approx. In this subtle outfit Caterina looked as if created out of thin air and mist.

“Kate is very fragile and delicate girl, trying on a bunch of different dresses, I realized that I wanted to create something very light and translucent, perfectly accentuates its grace and fragility. So I decided to follow the trend and replace the veil with a stitched Cape feathers hackle. And of course I just had to focus on the graceful waist circumference of about 52 cm. We decided to create a peplum that is elegantly complemented by a Swarovsky stones,” says Andre tan.