Andre tan, Jiji and Zibrov said they got a feature


Andre tan and Jiji have one “feature” which also features his older brother Zibrova! So, journalists of the program “Ranok z with Ukraine” on the channel “Ukraine” found out why left-handedness is considered a sign of genius, who is of Ukrainian stars left-handed from birth, and who tried to learn to cope with the left hand.

Андре Тан, Дзидзьо и Зибров отметили, какая у них есть особенность

13 Aug celebrate the international Day lefties. It turned out that among creative people left – handedness is almost a sign of genius. The Lefty has a more developed right hemisphere of the brain, which is responsible for creative thinking. For example, the famous Ukrainian designer Andre tan is proud to do the left hand.

“Yes, I’m a Lefty! I am very grateful to my mother for what she didn’t educate me. Because I was brought up in the Soviet Union and then all of the retrained left-handers for right-handers, but mom insisted. She directly came to school and said, “I want my son wrote exclusively with the left hand,” says Andre tan.

And not one Anda tan is proud of this “feature”. Although Jiji and taught to write with the right, the singer from the first glance discovers the Lefty.

“I’m left-handed from birth, – says the soloist of group “Dzidzo” Mikhail Khoma in the broadcast channel “Ukraine”. – Do you know how to check who is Lefty and who is not? I graduated from the conducting faculty, and there, when I walked into my first job, I was asked to put my hands into the lock. When you arrange the hands, doing as you’re comfortable, you can’t be both, and what your index finger on top, so man’s nature is. For example, I left, and now you try”.

Lefty was the elder brother of Paul Zibrova – Vladimir.

“His father tied his left arm he took a hammer or a pencil, he unleashed it all, so it was never retrained,” – said Pavlo Zibrov.

Finally the main question stars whether with Lefty to do the right?

“To retrain people is not okay, it’s not necessary to do, I think. It is given by God, so all that alone.” – says Pavlo Zibrov.

Andre tan also has a similar opinion, but still learned something.

“The only thing my mother taught me – she said in the restaurant, always have to eat with the right hand, that you weren’t pointing fingers: “Oh, look, a Lefty eat!” So I eat right, but draw, cut, embroider – all these make the left hand” – says Andre tan.

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