Andrei Palchevsky told why “public Servants” begin to sell the land

Anchorman Andrei Palchevsky told why “public Servants” begin to sell the land.

The corresponding video appeared on the page in Facebook palchevsky 25 Feb.

Андрей Пальчевский рассказал, почему «Слуги народа» не начнут продавать землю

“Ground ze our servants not sell, because the drop in their rankings will not give them this opportunity,” said the presenter.

His position, he explained that the rating provided President Vladimir Zelensky (40%) after clashes in New Sanzhary lower. Also a low rating from the Pro-presidential party “servant of the people”.

The adoption of the law on the opening of the land market in Ukraine will lead to the fact that the support of the President and his party will fall to minimum.

“40% of the President? Do not tell Slippers, as they say in Odessa. This was before Sanjar. Much less! A party is “servant of the people”, which have already begun to call “enemies of the people”, I generally keep quiet. Sell the land. Would not dare,” — said Palchevskogo.

Also in his video, the presenter shared another good news. Palchevskogo reported that the American company Gilead Sciences has successfully shown the drug receiver in the fight against coronavirus.

“Two Chinese companies have bought the patents, and there is hope. To finish off, of course, not soon, but at least it is more fun,” said Andrei Palchevsky.