Andrzej Duda's father's property declaration was surprising. What is Jan Duda's income like?

Financial declaration of prof. Jan Duda may surprise many.

The property declaration of Andrzej Duda's father was surprising. What is Jan Duda's income like

Everything seems to indicate that the necessity to submit property declarations for many people existing in the public space satisfies the great curiosity of many Poles. assets of the politicians and their relatives.

The president's dad revealed the size of his fortune

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Currently, the proprietary declaration of a former member of the supervisory board of Centrum Badań Rozwoju, the chairman of the Małopolska regional council and at the same time Andrzej Duda's father, Jan Duda, is on the wallpaper of Wirtualna Polska. As you can see in the property declaration of Professor Jan Duda from last year, the bank deposit was slightly above PLN 100, and PLN 785 was in the bank account. The media also reports that Jan Duda is the owner of a life insurance policy for PLN 32.8.

During the analysis of the reelect's father's property, the media also established that the politician's savings compared to 2020 apparently decreased, as they amounted to PLN 44.8 1000 on the bank accounts of Pekao SA.

Professor Jan Duda also included in his asset declaration information on the ownership of real estate in the form of a house, with an area of ​​115 square meters. square, which is worth PLN 340,000.

The politician is the co-owner of this property. Then the president's father and his wife Jadwiga own an apartment of almost 49 square meters, worth PLN 410,000. As a lecturer at the Krakow University of Science and Technology, he earned PLN 74.5 thousand last year, and in the case of a retirement pension, Mr. Duda senior received PLN 93.9 thousand. The business delegation is PLN 508.6, and everything is equal to PLN 212,000 in total, income for 2021.