Andrzej Piaseczny boasted about his garden. How she copes with its care

From time to time, the singer publishes photos from the Świętokrzyskie Mountains, where his garden is located.

Andrzej Piaseczny boasted about his garden. How he copes with its care

The vocalist Andrzej Piaseczny published a video recorded during his stay in Bolivia, where that day was beautiful, sunny weather.

Andrzej “Piasek” Piaseczny spends summer time not only on trips and work

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After returning to Poland, the singer decided to show off his garden, which is located in the Świętokrzyskie Mountains. There, the artist spends his time caring for plants, essential garden work that needs to be done in a given season to keep all plants in good order.

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Andrzej Piaseczny published on his Instagram profile on May 9 this year, a photo showing him with a fairly large but handy pruner for cutting branches.

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In the description, the artist said that he really likes continuous gardening that never ends – andrzejpiaseczny_official Verified End of vacation? Is the vacation beginning? Either way, it's time for non-stop gardening. And I really like it # og & oacute; d #ogrodnik # tuprzycięćtamposadzić # asłońcesobielśni #gardentime #loveit #myspace – the singer informed. Everyone who owns a garden knows very well that regardless of the season, the garden always requires our help and care.

As you can see, Andrzej Piaseczny does not shy away from this type of activity, which combined nature, they are very effective in helping to calm down and soothe frayed nerves.

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