“Angel” Victoria’s Secret has shared a racy footage with candid shooting

Barbara Palvin, which is the 8th of October, celebrated the 26th birthday, continues to conquer new career peaks. Since in March 2019, the year she became one of the “angels” Victoria’s Secret shooting in a candid photo shoots for underwear advertising showered upon her in abundance. It is not surprising! Hungarian beauty is renowned for its luxurious body, which even despite the non-ideal model proportions I love photographers and the best brands.

«Ангел» Victoria's Secret поделилась пикантными кадрами с откровенной съемки

The other day she went to the next shooting, where she tried on a pale pink lingerie with delicate lace. The girl showed so far, only footage from the backstage, but because in the photo she is posing also draped over the shoulders of the robe. Working environment surrounded by artists, stylist, hair and makeup artist – do not prevent Palvin to make a couple new hot shots. She sits on a stool, her robe and revealing her curvy shape. “Baby, it’s cold outside”, she added a bold signature. Hair she laid in the lush styling with a slight wave, and makeup done in brown-terracotta tones that made it bright and feminine.

Also recently, a popular model showed a hot video, shot by canadian photographer Derek Ketteley. It shows a set of underwear: white shade top with ties at the side and pale pink panties. Barbara sits on the floor, taking seductive poses and showing off his sexy body in all its glory. Followers who adore this type of publication, covered the model with likes and amondi in the form of fire.