Angelina Jolie about moving to Cambodia, buying a home in Africa, and true freedom

American Harper’s Bazaar has chosen actress and Director face their final this year, the December issue. Jolie not only posed for the cover and fashion photo shoot, but also gave an interview in which in particular spoke about the plans to move from the United States. Publish the most interesting quotes.

Анджелина Джоли о переезде в Камбоджу, покупке дома в Африке и настоящей свободе

About the children:

My children know the real me, and they occasionally help me to get back to myself. They went through a lot, and I always admire their inner strength and take example from them.

About freedom:

I don’t feel deprived of something. As a teenager, I am constantly focused on what I have. When I started to travel I was 20, I suddenly realized how I am free in my actions and in my life compared to many people in this world. For example, my childhood was free from war. Since then, every time I remember that I have the freedom to create families, to work and generally unable to be myself. This is one of the reasons I help the girls in different countries. To see someone- especially young girls, in which so much potential — lack of freedom unbearable for me.

About the reasons of buying a house in Cambodia:

When you are so active thought process, as I have, you just need to periodically go to a place that you will be able to calm down. I found this condition in the desert and in the jungles of Cambodia. When I first came to this country, I thought, its inhabitants, the survivors of so many wars and endured so much suffering, should be angry, but in reality, the opposite is true. They are filled with gratitude, full of life. This is the home and headquarters for my Foundation, but I had to put a lot of effort to do this: for example, we found and defused about 50 min before I could live there.

About your favorite places in the world and home to Africa:

My favorite place is where I was not. I like to rush headlong into the unknown. I like to fall out of your comfort zone. I want children to grow up in this world — not just knew about him but it lived in it and had friends from all over the world. Next year we are going to build a house in Africa.

About moving to another country:

I’d like to live abroad and will definitely do this as soon as my kids turn 18. Right now I have to live where their dad lives.