Angelina Jolie accused of cruelty and selfishness

Around Angelina Jolie inflames new scandal. According to the reporters of the English language edition of NW, the actress allegedly forbade her daughter Shiloh to see my father. And it happened because, according to the publication, the 44-year-old Angelinaparis afraid of losing his daughter.

Анджелину Джоли обвинили в жестокости и эгоизме

It all started with the fact that as previously reported, Shiloh some time ago said to his mother: she no longer wants to live with mom, and wants to move to my father’s house, that is pitt. Even then, Jolie was furious at the mere thought that this really happens. After all, ever since she began her divorce from brad, the actress did everything to prevent all their children to see pitt. Then Jolie adamantly refused to daughter. Now this story will be continued. As NW says, its reporter managed to get Shiloh a short interview in which the girl allegedly admitted that the mother was the cause of her new bitter disappointment. The fact that on the eve of the premiere of the new part of the franchise about Maleficent, Jolie traveled around the world promoting the movie where he played a major role. And Shiloh who is tired of traveling, asked the mother’s permission, if not permanently then at least for a while to live with his father while Angelina completes the advertising campaign. Alas, it only caused another explosion of anger Jolie…

In fact, the reaction of Angelina on offer Shiloh was predictable in any case. However, in addition, the girl chose a very inopportune moment for his request. After all, Angelina still can not accept the fact that this summer “lost” one of their six children. Because of its senior — Maddox — this year, left the family, moved to Seoul, where he is now studying at a local University. And the idea that she might lose another member of the family, was for Jolie unbearable. But, as recently frankly admitted the actress, her children became her source of strength and support, without which it simply would not be able to survive a divorce with brad.

And this is how some people think, not quite correct in relationship to the children. It turns out that instead of supporting them at a difficult time when their family broke up, she tries to obtain from them support for themselves. What many fans of the actress consider it selfish on her part. A ban Shiloh to see my father — Frank cruelty.